Your favorite class-and why


thief, definatley, i just love the shit they get into, and out of

most often i multi into a scholar and takes spheres and spells that aid whatever my character is.
as another stand alone class i really like the nomad, i just cant get into the character

Mark Dunder

I would like to play the Renaissance Man Class. This way I could just multi-class them all and make the Hyborian world my play thing.

Come on! You could do that, couldn't you? I bet there's a rule against it. Or maybe the class already exists as the "Demi-god" Class.

You guys just hate it when I'm being sarcastic don't you? You say to yourselves, "Well, humph... he doesn't have the rule books anyway... so he's just sounding like an ignorant ass anyway."



Well, if you multiclassed all of the classes together: Soldier, Noble, Scholar, Thief, Pirate, Nomad, Borderer, Barbarian - you'd only have one level in each class by 8th level. Without doing any serious number-crunching, I think an uber-multiclass character would actually be statistically inferior to most other characters, if not all other characters, of an equal character level.


The game, as (brilliantly) designed by Ian Sturrock is totally aimed to reproduce Conan: that's why you get (huge) advantages like getting a new language every other lvl FOR FREE, etc.

So, the most loved, and better casted class is the Barbarian; you can be so much like Conan in the stories that one of the advantages has to do with the capacity of carrying a sword in the mouth withouth getting hurt, so that players do it lot like Conan! Now that's gaming design with a setting in mind! :D

Hence, my favorite class in Conan is Barbarian, since it's the better done. Borderer is quite fun, too, but sounds too much as a D&D Ranger, and it's definitely not as mcuh funny as a Ranger... Thieves are fun too, but maybe too powerful.