Your favorite class-and why


Hey folks,

Just out of curiosity (and because I really don't want to start grading papers right now), what is everyone's favorite character class? What do you dig the most about it? More than one class is alright, since my two faves are scholars (no surprise) and pirates. I think I dig scholars because I work with a bunch of obsessive, eccentrics who would really practice sorcery given the chance, and pirates...hey, whats not to like about pirates?
i like the barbarian. ive always been fond of mobile warriors, and the ability to pick up any weapon and wield it proficiently is very important in my campaign.
Favorite class?
Hhhmmm. That's tough.
I would have to say "Spunky Teenage Girl Who Slays Vampires".

Ooops! Wrong forum. :shock: :lol:

Seriously...I think the game gets really interesting when multiclassing comes into play.

Once you choose to multiclass
The old core classes just don't pass! 8)
Hmmm, I've been thinking about this tooo. I tend to think Barbarians. It is after all the basis of the Conan stories. I may second it with Borderer, then Nomad tied with Pirate....
Yogah of Yag said:
Favorite class?
Hhhmmm. That's tough.
I would have to say "Spunky Teenage Girl Who Slays Vampires".

Well that's my top Archtype to watch...

Barbarians seems to be the most powerful, but my favorite is Soldier. While I hate the lack of skill points you get but I love the fact you can make many types of characters with the class.
When I played Arduin, I never did like to play fighters (soldiers) or Barbarians (yeah, the old Arduin Grimore had those). I always went for the scholarly types (ha, got you guys there didn't I?). I liked to think my way out of a situation, more than fight. In AD&D I played a Dwarf Illusionist. I was evil, I sent a note to the DM that I was spending all my gold to hire an assassin to kill off some of the other players. Got lots of EP for that, and it worked! The other players never found out, until I just had to brag about it.

I always have lots of fun playing any kind of role-playing game. My wife and kids even play with me at times. My son bugs me all the time to play Paranoia.

Right now he's my test subject before I launch anything at my other players.
dunderm said:
In AD&D I played a Dwarf Illusionist./quote] Maybe my AD&D is rusted but I thought Dwarves couldn't be illusionist? Or were the allowed the class "Illusionist" in 1st edition?
Thinking back on all of this, I really miss being a player. I have a lot (well, maybe not a lot), of players that seem to have no interest in being game referees. So I am always The Man. I think my main problem is I am very isolated in Willow, Alaska. I need to move down to the "lower" 48 states. I will too, if I get the opportunity.
my group is small gone on for years and would never ever think of letting someone else GM :shock: so am about to be a player at the towers of the sun internet game and am really looking forward too it 8)
Well favorite class? you mean when starting right?

I´m going with "noble", great for multiclass (Have you ever seen Soldier/noble?), not bad at hack and slash (need´s the right feats) and with an interesting roleplay (you´re a noble...)

If it´s just for a single class character, i chose the Barbie, the Thief and the Scholar...

But i like multiclasses much more than any base class...
Upon serious consideration: None.

Really, there's a few classes I'm not really fond of, but the others are all classes that I enjoy. If I had to choose, it would be a tie between the Noble, the Soldier, and the Barbarian.

I'm particularly fond of Noble/Soldier multiclassing, and sometimes even a little Scholar/Soldier multiclassing for the Warrior-Poet feel.

Ultimately, I really like being combat effective (not necessarily the God of War, but at least useful in combat) and the image of an armoured man with a sword appeals to me. Because of that, I really don't like playing single-classed Scholars as they cramp my "get in and get bloody" style.