Your Collection?

What army will you play as most of the time?

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I thought it'd be interesting for SST players to share what they currently have in their collection along with what they're intending to purchase for expansion. Since this is my idea I guess I'll start off. Also, what army are you intending to play as most of the time?

2 Brain Bugs
1 Tanker Bug
20 Arachnid Warriors (roughly 3 squads of 6)
3 Hopper Bugs

Mobile Infantry
3 Ape Marauder
1 Chickenhawk Marauder
24 CAP Troopers (roughly 3 squads of 8)
1 complete Heroes of the Mobile Infantry
1 incomplete Heroes of the Mobile Infantry (missing the Lieutenant, this was the promo Mongoose sent me)

3 Skinnie Raiders
3 Skinnie Militia (the Raiders and Militia were part of the promo sent to me by Mongoose)

Total: 69 models. 26 Arachnids. 37 Mobile Infantry. 6 Skinnies.

I'm intending to purchase 1 more box of Hoppers (3 Hoppers), 1 more box of Arachnid Warriors (6 Arachnids), 1 more Tanker Bug, 3 Plasma Bugs, 2 boxes of Firefries (10 Firefries), 2 boxes of Blister & Blaster Bugs (6 bugs), 2 more Chickenhawk Marauders, 2 boxes of Female CAP Troopers (16 Females), 2 boxes of WASP Troopers (10 WASPS), 2 boxes of CHAS, 2 boxes of Light Armor Troopers (40 troopers) and 2 boxes of Reliant Gun Platforms (6 guns). This is just within August and September. A lot of those kits don't come out until later in August or until September but some such as the Hoppers, Tankers, Arachids, Firefries, and Marauders are already out.

What are you collecting? What do you already have? What do you plan to get?

It may seem weird that I'm collecting both sides but remember that I demo the game for Mongoose and I need to have models for both sides to accurately represent the game to potential gamers. Plus, whatever I don't use Creon will and I'm sure he'll be picking up stuff too. He's into the MI while I'm into the Arachnids. He really wants to get those ships when they come out so I'm sure he'll pick them up. That'll leave me free to buy the 3 Plasma Bugs, which should cost me around $120 retail for the set. Maybe I'll be able to use some of my demo credit to bring the price down.
wow you pl;an to buy alot

thing ive found is that ive already hit 4k of mi, and strugled but now acheived to hit 2k of bugs...

im stopping there as other life commitments are taking president.
Mr Evil said:
wow you pl;an to buy alot

thing ive found is that ive already hit 4k of mi, and strugled but now acheived to hit 2k of bugs...

im stopping there as other life commitments are taking president.

Wow that's a lot. About how many models do you think you have?
figs wise i have 3 main box sets worth
2 boxes of hoppers
1 box of firefries
10 warriors kitbashed into blisters/blasters
1 brain
1 tanker
1 plasma bug kitbash
(only the tanker is not painted and 10 warriors)

mi i have all the mi from the big boxes (48)
7 converted to ride sprites
6 converted to be on wasps
reat divided into mixable units (although im workin on entire unit with shock sticks and mad exspresions as they ahve gone battle mad)
2 marauder apes
1 chicken
3 CHAS kit bashes
1 Tac figter kit bash
1 ammo dump (ok its a converted jeep .. but it stores the ammo honest)
1 lander kitbash

think thats all of it :?
I don't have much since I'm trying not to buy alot of stuff until i paint what i have, but i have 38 bugs, 6 hoppers and 16 MI.

I'm planning on getting most of the new bugs, a pair of marauders, more troopers (though I might wait for pathfinders), a tac fighter and the books.
I only have the main box contents so far and one Marauder- Ape. I plan on collecting most every model for both MI and Arachnid since I really like the look and feel of this game. Im also a huge fan of the book and Roughnecks, so this game will keep me busy for a while.
I'm prolly ordering another main box, 2 boxes of hoppers, a tanker and a Marauder or three in the next day or two, that should give me enough to suck my unsuspecting friends into the game as well!
I voted MI as I'm a really big fan of personal armor, but will most likley get a lot of play out of my bugs as well.
don't mean to be a downer, but wasn't the topic what army you'll play most rather then "look at me, i'll so cool I gotr all this stuff already!", hehe
logan said:
don't mean to be a downer, but wasn't the topic what army you'll play most rather then "look at me, i'll so cool I gotr all this stuff already!", hehe

it was.. but i was asking a specific question some one directed at me...

then every body joined the band wagon...that said its all an interesting read.
I'm only going to state what I have fully painted.

37 MI Cap Troopers
4 M8 suits
2 M9 suits

50 Warrior Bugs
6 Hopper Bugs

I have on the table primed, I big ass Tanker Bug.

I plan to take some of the MI I painted as I add new models, to be sold or given as presents to New Troopers joining the group.
My plan so far is

44 Warriors
3 Blisters
3 Blasters


2 Squads at 8, with an NCO to lead the Platoon.

Those are my 1000pt armies, but this is based off the released PDFs, it may change once I get used to the rules.
I voted for bugs because that's what I have the most of.
I have painted (so far):

20 Warriors
10 Firefries
6 Hoppers
1 Tanker

I still have 10 more Warriors to paint as well as a Brain bug. Looking forward to the Blister/Blasters.

I only have 8 MI painted so far.
I voted MI. Though I have been somewhat negligent in painting up my armies, I intend to have more troopers when the Core Companies and dropships come out.

PS Raven, how come you arent on Scorched Earth anymore?
I always end up playing bugs. i Intend to collect both armies actively(as well as skinnies, when they get morestuff) but everyone around here seems to prefer MI to bugs........ and since my Tanker joined the fight, hte MI players haven't been able to adapt ther strategy acorddingly(which is fine by me seeing as how many losses i've suffered until now)

the last game before my tanker arrived, i actaully managed an absolutely crushing victory. the alst two games(with Mr Tanker) have also been wins'

My collection is as follows:

16 MI
1 MI heroes set
1 Ape
1 Chickenhawk

40 Arachnid warriors
3 Hoppers
1 Tanker

9 skinny raiders
3 Skinny militia

I have a Brainbug on hold at the FLGS, nad net time i complete a contract, I'm picking up another starter box(good thing i paint fast!!!)

I'll probably play them all evenly, with the skinnies seeing the least action on their own until something cool comes out for them & mainly use them in my MI Armys.

Collection so far:

Tanker Bug
3x Hoppers (1 almost painted)
40x Warrior Bugs (20 painted)

48 MI-A4 troopers (8 painted)
Chicken Hawk
& about 4 Bunkers (2 from the box sets & 2 from the floor plans)

I've been playing bugs, mostly.

What I currently have painted:

50 Warriors
9 Hoppers
10 Tunnel/Nest Entrances
10 Tunnel Markers

1 Platoon of MI Power Suits (NCO & 2 Squads of 8, one Squad with a Triple Thud & another with a Javelin)
2 M8 Ape Suits

I still have another 31 MI Power Suits, an M9 Chickenhawk, Heroes of the MI, a Brain Bug, 2 Warriors & a Tanker still on the sprue.
Here goes mine


- 32 MI (Painted)
- 2 MI Pulse Cannons (Modded from the STT Galoob toys)
- 3 Apes (Painted)
- 1 Chickenhawk (Primed)
- 1 Chas (assembled)
- 2 Turret field Emplacments (Using Crow Turret emplacments :) )
- 1 TAC fighter (Again Galoob Toy, but scale is perfect)

MI Ordered but not delivered yet

- 2 Female CAP boxes
- 1 Heros box
- 2 WASP Boxes

and as for the bugs

- 60 Warriors (painted)
- 6 hoppers (primed)
- 2 tankers (gathering strength to assemble)
- 1 Brainbug (still in the box)

Bugs Ordered but not deliverd yet

- 2 firelfy boxes
- 4 blister/blaster boxes
- 2 plasma bug

Since I never can decide which side I like more I collect and play with both. I think if they bring in another full race I will be broke.[/url]
I will be playing the Bugs first and foremost I have been pretty much picking up 2 boxes of each faction that comes out. I want to have enough stuff to play with friends who are not sure if they want to commit to it and this allows for them to try it out and then get them hooked.

I am a huge miniatures fan and just love painting and collecting. Necromunda has been and will always be my favourite minis game. Although Starship Troopers maybe surpassing that. And at some point I will get into Gangs of MC1. But for now I will stick to ST. Awesome game!