Your adventures in Magnamund

I am in the middle of my first game right now (I play a Shadaki Buccaneer) and so far we are having a blast with it! I could spend hours describing everything that has happened so far but I'll just post a link...

Phoenix Rising is the game I am in at the moment. The other game is going to be started soon and in that one I play a Vakeros Knight. If a GM would like to start a forum-based game here just pm Winterhawk at either the Lone Wolf RPG site or at the site.

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This reply is very very late compared to the post, but I'll bite.

I am running two campaigns at present. One is a large scale campaign centered around a Kai Lord and a Sommerlund Knight who are trying to track down a mysterious figure who claims to possess one of the Doomstones of Agarash. They have been aided from time to time by a Dwarven Gunner, a Telchos Warrior, and a rather odd Herbalish, and have ended up roaming across quite a bit of Magnamund.

The other is a solo campaign where the protagonist is a Giak attempting to rouse her people into rebellion against the Drakkarim. She has recently discovered she has some of the powers of the Cenerese.

Anybody else doing anything they want to talk about?
I've got a mob of third level characters that have been let loose on the world.

They are trying to find the origins of a black axe that was found wielded by a Knight of Sommerlund suffering from extreme anger problems.

It appears to have been found near Maakengorge during a excavation and is theorised to have been dropped over a thousand years ago. The handle of the axe had been replaced by the Knight as the original haft had been severed.
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my campaign is a "what if?" eg:
Q: What if Gnaag were the Archlord in the years before 5050?
A: The "Eclipse" wouldn't have left a lazy acolyte as a survivor, he would have been found
The characters are finding a shifty alliance between the darklands and power seeking idiots, and troubles are cropping up all over magnamund, for every country that has its problems solved by the characters, two more will crop up.... the only way to save the world is to break the alliances at their collective insectile head...
as an added motivator, one of the shadaki buccaneers got lost and met a young girl named Alyss, who told him how doomed magnamund is if they fail :twisted:
I suppose you can mock your players as well by showing them the books and saying "This is what would happen if the heroes had been competent" because you know players, they'll mess it up somehow.