Yimsha's Carpet



I have recently picked up the Conan RPG and we are looking to play a campaign in the near future. I am thinking about playing a Sorceror, so I have been looking at the magic rules.

Looking at the spell Yimsha's Carpet, it says that it can be used to transport people, but I can't see any rules that facilitate this effect. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Here's some text from People of the Black Circle:


Just visible on the distant peak there hung a cloud of peculiar
aspect. It was a frosty crimson in color, veined with sparkling gold.
This cloud was in motion; it rotated, and as it whirled it contracted.
It dwindled to a spinning taper that flashed in the sun. And suddenly
it detached itself from the snow-tipped peak, floated out over the
void like a gay-hued feather, and became invisible against the
cerulean sky.

"What could that have been?" asked the girl uneasily, as a shoulder of
rock shut the distant mountain from view; the phenomenon had been
disturbing, even in its beauty.

"The hill-men call it Yimsha's Carpet, whatever that means," answered
Conan. "I've seen five hundred of them running as if the devil were at
their heels, to hide themselves in caves and crags, because they saw
that crimson cloud float up from the peak. What in-"
Seems it can move ludicrous speeds, which makes me wonder why someone can't just drive it around killing vast swaths of people.
Thanks for the reply. The first paragraph you quoted is in the rule boook, and does indeed seem to suggest it can be used to move with great speed. But there are no rules to back this up?

None that I am aware of, basically the way it takes off sounds like you can go most anywhere in the world in "short order". You can set it for your game at 100 miles a minute (not just hour) to give you *some* set speed as one idea. Much faster makes the world too small probably, and it can't be much slower (i.e., seems faster than a galloping horse), but probably can be tweaked somewhat in that range. The 100 miles a minute are based on the spell duration, which is 1 minute per scholar level, so the lowest caster could therefore travel 1400 miles, which is far, but not everywhere in the world.
Scrolls of Skelos has rules for aerial movement at the end. Probably you can use those to figure out something. And if you want to play a sorceror, you want that book.