Yet another Expert program question


Banded Mongoose
Hi all, I'm loving this forum, loads of useful info!

I just need to check if I've read Expert programs right:

1/ Am I right in thinking that since a wafer jack runs Intelligent Interface, they are only intended for Travellers who *already have a rating* in this skill. So they wouldn't be usable for a character who doesn't have Engineer, for example, to slot a chip and then start repairing the ship.

2/ For an *unskilled* Traveller to gain a skill they would need a computer running something like Intellect and Expert, possibly with a personal HUD for AR coolness, and this could easily be wireless.

3/ A neural jack is redundant, since they are the same as a Neural Link + Wafer Jack (which would be KCr5 cheaper), or does it do something special?

Thanks :)
For #1 and #2, The Wager Jack inherently runs Expert, so I would refer to the Core book statement on Expert/X which is 'A Traveller using Expert may make a skill check as if they had the skill at the software’s Bandwidth -1. Only INT and EDU-based checks can be attempted. If a Traveller already has the skill, then Expert grants DM+1 to their check.' (p.111 on the 2023 version of the Core rulebook) So it should work for the unskilled - even a Bandwidth /1 Expert program should drop the unskilled penalty.

As for #3: You're sort of right, and that may be why the Neural Jack was in the Word text for the previous version of the Core book but never made it into the actual text of the published material.
There are two sort of contradictory statements: 'A neural jack matches the capabilities of a neural link and wafer jack of its Tech Level.' and Effect:
Neural Link + Wafer Jack/8.

I probably should not have put the '/8' in there, then it would be at least cheaper at TL15 and have '/12' storage.
Otherwise, the only advantage would be that it's a single operation to install it. Also, depending on how you roll for detection - one roll versus two rolls would get you a slight advantage in not being detected as a person with cybernetics.
Maybe next update we drop the '/8' and lower the Cost by KCr10.