Wrath of the Ancients - Landing Next Week!


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Wrath of the Ancients, the mind-bending sequel to Secrets of the Ancients, is due to land next week - just in time for Christmas!

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Wrath of the Ancients is the third and final campaign in the series that began with Mysteries of the Ancients and continued in Secrets of the Ancients. Each is a complete campaign which link together to create a mega-campaign. The Travellers began as relatively normal people drawn into the weird world of the Ancients Hunters by an old contact who needed their help. Ever since, the rabbit hole has just kept getting deeper. Much of what they thought they knew about the universe was wrong, they discovered, but more importantly they came to realise that what they knew – right or wrong – was very little at all.

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Wrath of the Ancients is a big story, and by the end of it the Travellers will be a force to shake the cosmos. As they begin, the Travellers become aware of great events unfolding in Imperial space. Something has attacked the Droyne world of Andor, devastating the planet and the Imperial interdiction flotilla. A rural population of what appear to be ordinary Droyne have been massacred for unknown reasons...
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the sector
No vessel approached on any heading or vector
The rites were performed by Esorde with care,
In hopes that Yaskoydray soon would be there.

When up in the sky once the coyns had been cast
There came an explosion that left them aghast
The Chirpers on watch scuttled homeward to say
"wake up, my kroyloss, raise the dreskay!"

With Ancient aplomb and reptilian grace
In Arrow-shaped ship he descended from space
More rapid than burbling Bwap-speak, 'twas fast!
And he broke and he gestured, and called them by caste;

"Now, Aydih! now, Aydin! now, all Aydirsoth!
Ayssath! And Praytsirv! Get ye aloft!
This yatroy I give you, take to the skies
And ready yourselves to fight Andor's demise!"

He was dressed all in armour, for what little they saw
Its tech-level had to be at least 24
He had a sharp snout and a claw on each wing
And he sent out his call to all oytripin.

He was bitter and cranky, a grumpy old bastard,
The art of alarm he clearly had mastered
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he Jumped out of sight,
"You'll make it I'm sure; to all a good fight!"