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So, now that there is so much discussion on the Macho Women with Guns world, I was curious if anybody else had developed areas not mentioned in the sourcebook, added further development to areas mentioned in the sourcebook, or changed areas mentioned in the sourcebook.

(For example, I decided to give Texas, Japan and India a little more respect. With the Second Civil War raging for decade after decade, Texas is obviously the heart of the Second Confederacy, especially since I decided all of Georgia has been retaken by Federal forces except for a little county in the southwest corner called Hazzard. Japan, of course, needs to be the world-wide center for production of giant robots. I haven't decided what to do with India yet, but I'm sure I can think of something.)

As mentioned in my Escape from Madison, Wisconsin thread, I've decided to start my MMWG adventures around Madison, Wisconsin.

Global warming of course has changed climate patterns all over the world, but Wisconsin's climate was made even wierder than usual. (The fact that an ice-god decided to move into a hotel in Two Rivers, Wisconsin might play a factor...) Every day the high and low temperatures are determined by rolling 1d12, multiplying by 10, adding 1d10, and subtracting 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a lot of spiritual activity in late 21st century Wisconsin. Minions of Bthulhu and agents of Satan are sending their tendrils into the state seeking if there is some advantage to be had there. (Little do they know.) But the ancient American gods and spirits walk here. Galena (actually in Illinois) has the Cave of the Seven Spirits. (Anyone who's driven through Galena, however, will realize what sort of spirits I am talking about. I believe Londoners, Irishmen, and many others are well aquainted with spirits of this type...)

The Renegade Nuns and Lutheran Biker Chicks are very active in this state. There are Amish communities which persist in trying to lead an 18th century lifestyle (Some people just don't know when to quit.) There are Beemish communities which have decided to enter the 19th century, and Seamish who think the 20th century was a good idea after all.

Politically, Wisconsin is in a state of civil war over whether or not to participate in the Second Civil War. Madison has been walled off by the Wausau Pact, so named because the city of Wausau is where a group of Republicans signed an agreement with "Auntie" Josephine Stalinski. To counter the Wausau Pact, a group of Democrats in Milwaukee made agreements with Detroit and Alice Capone, and formed the MATO Alliance (Milwaukee Area Technical Operatives).

(In the 21st Century, the United States federal government became much more loosely organized, as the President lost control of Texas and the Second Confederacy, and other regions of the United States fell increasingly under the control of local leaders like White Feather and Auntie Josephine. I am, of course, talking about the legitimately elected President sitting in the Oval Office in Washington, DC, who is basically the winner of the Miss Over-40 Beauty Pageant. The vampire living in South Dakota only THINKS he is still President of the United States.)

So far, my plan is for the PCs to work for T.O.M.A.T.O. (Tactical Organization of the Milwaukee Area Technical Operatives). The President's airplane has crashed in Madison, Wisconsin, and the PCs have to follow a tough heroine named Sake Kissken to rescue her. On the way they have to fight menaces such as steam powered cows, cheese golems, and renegade Indian spirits.
You think I should write these up for Signs and Portents? I am flattered.

When I get a chance, I'll ask for the current writers guidelines and see what I can do. In the meantime, I'll take any advice.

I could see myself doing a MMWG gazeteer. Nobody would care if it conflicted with the original sourcebook, would they?
if they are playing it like I do no :shock: :wink: :lol: also could if posting here give you a hand with some of my crazy ideas :wink: the what to do next about sending stuff to signs is in every issue of signs so best of luck with that :D
darth_azabrush said:
I have some fun Zap style Paranoia missions I've been thinking of sending to signs. One involves reparing blown fuses!

So long as it's only 3A fuses, since they're red, that's the only ones thay have clearance for :lol:

Now there's an interesting idea: the Paranoia Complex in the Macho Women With Guns world. I'll have to put that somewhere.

Although what a psychotic computer can do with a city of buxom, vivacious, nubile young women, .....
Those are a couple of good ideas for Ms Plisskensen. I'm thinking of having her work for the Basic Espionage Division. That way, if the PCs do a good job, they can end up in BED with her.
For some reason, today I was thinking of the Bondage Girls at War comic book series. For those who don't know, the thesis of this series is that in the future, aliens have wiped out all the men, and the women have to fight off robot invasions while, for reasons not explained, binding and spanking each other every chance they get. This is something that definitely needs to be incorporated into the MMWG world.

However, how does one implement the Bondage Girls at War motif into a role playing game? I'm thinking some special feats, menaces, and advanced classes. My idea is that Wyoming and Nebraska are an important battleground in the Second Civil War, and, drawing some inspiration from those Warmachine models that portray a guy on a rack who is somehow supposed to explode and defeat his enemies, perhaps I can work something like that in.

Unfortunately, I don't think many of my ideas are particularly funny. I just seem to be taking this stuff too seriously; I can't just let the gals say "Let's tie up Bonnie and then party." There has to be some angle to this. Thus, the motivation to post here.

I already made stats for a Handcuff Golem. Maybe I can post them sometime this week. Other ideas I have are for some sorts of advanced/prestige classes that grant superior sorcery ability when in bondage, and martial arts feats that grant bonuses when in bondage.

Any ideas for how to develop these themes would be appreciated (beyond what is already in the MMWG book, although the Sperminator might be a little too extreme for actual game use).
think seaside postcard instead of S+M weekly and it will work :wink: and give xp for the kinkest roleplaying and your players if in correct mood and I find beer helps alot here will be whipping each other and themselves before you know it 8)
I must admit that I thought about this after watching the _Son of the Beach_ episode where the female lifeguards are stripped to their underwear and thrown into a Central American prison cell.

But unfortunately, after the Abu Ghabi photos were released, this sort of thing is not as amusing as it used to be.

I came up with the idea, however, of having a prison where the inmates are issued silk nightgowns, the jail cells are done in pastels with plenty of pillows and cushions and cute things, and chocolates are in plenty supply.

This means that the gals need to be given four hours of strenuous exercise every day. The inmates wouldn't want to lose their girlish figures.
Utgardloki said:
This means that the gals need to be given four hours of strenuous exercise every day. The inmates wouldn't want to lose their girlish figures.

Heh, interesting idea. And it fits perfectly with the ultra-feminist world of MWG, where every chick and her sister is a blond bimbo who is obessively image oriented. So, what would you suggest for the guys? Doing time in a S&M hall where they are the S in the S&M? :wink: