White Star Stat confirmation please


The Minbari Fact Book has the White Stars Handling at +3...that seems low. And does it not have the Pivotal Thrusters SQ?

Is the Molecular Pulsar a crazy weapon or what?

Each attack of the Molecular Pulsar hits 1d6 times. The white star has 4 of them firing forward. They also rapid fire. Each hit reduces DR.

That means if all 4 are firing rapid fire, then that means 16 seperate attacks. Let's assume all hit. Then you have to roll 1d6 16 times, to figure out how many bursts hit. If all bursts hit in 16 attempts, then you've scored 16*6= 96 times, for the minimum of 20 damage each.

Now, I realize that these numbers assume that all hit and that each roll of the d6 comes up a 6, but damn. As a story teller, I don't want to have to roll all of these dice. Should the Molecular Pulsar not be Rapid Fire as well?

Or am I missing something? Is the Molecular Pulsar not a "Molecular Beam Technology" weapon?

OK, here's the deal with this one, I think. I believe the pulsar can be rapid fired up to the number of times that you roll on the 1d6. This means that you could end up firing them between 4-24 times in one round.