Which fleet do you usually use

Which fleet do you use?

  • Earth Alliance

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  • Minbari

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  • Centauri

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  • Narn

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  • Vorlon

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  • Shadow

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  • ISA

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  • League

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Hi all,
Given the debate over which fleets are the best and which are nerffed it occured to me that we don't really know which fleets are used a lot. So which fleet do you usually use.
Normally EA but I do have a brakiri & a dilgar fleet that I'll be using more when they've bin painted
mrambassador1 said:
sorry if your fleet isn't here, it won't let you put up more choices than this.
8 is the limit? Hmm... I was going to add that 'League' wasn't really a fleet choice as such anymore. I never take a combined fleet.

EA but the Drakh are really fun. I only use the Dilgar for demos. And ISA when I get the time to assemble and paint them. If I want to beat someone I'll play Earth :twisted:
I usually use Earth, but I am partial to using centauri for a change, especially if I know my opponent is a fan of Minbari. I like the flying brick brigade, and I like the railguns, one of the more underrated weapons in the game, especially considering earth gets them on skirmish ships.

I you use a specific league race just put down league. If we get a lot of league users I might make a second poll for which league you use.
Well I have Narn, and EA. I like both, but I've been playing Narn a lot recently (since I was using them in the Q-Con Tourney).
I play the ISA, but the truth of it is that I play the White Star fleet. From the first time I saw the White Stars in the show I fell in love with them, and when I found out you could play the White Stars in the game, I decided that would be my fleet, before I even had had a chance to look at the rules. Once I got the rulebooks and found out the White Stars kicked as much ass as they did in the series, I knew I had found my home fleet.

Although I am also looking into playing the Dilgar. Played a game with them the other day, although since my book hasn't arrived yet, I was playing the Tournament list with no special rules. I liked the way their fleet worked out for me and I think it will become my second fleet.
Although I started with Minbari, EA is what I use the most. They're the most challenging I think while people complain a lot about stealth. My Vorlons will see more use once Armageddon is upon us!
Shadows are what I use most but I switch between them, Centauri, Minbari, ISA and soon to be Abbai.

I like the idea of this poll though to see what people prefer playing.
I like the poll too, great idea.

It's often hard to get an idea of where folks are coming from in there statements. Seeing more of what fleets are being flown gives me a better idea of what the knowledge base is for commenting on how things work.

Personally I'm working my way through all the league fleets, both seperately and mixed. Have to disagree with Wulf about mixed not being a legal choice. Sidebar in SFoS gives the rules for combined league. I suppose you could say its not tournament legal, but our local tournament organizer is allowng it so even that is sketchy. Unless of course this is another tease from the 'special knowledge crowd.'

i've played a good number of games as the Narn, ISA, Vorlon as well, but League in all its incarnations is my home fleet.
I usually play my EA at the moment, I like my Mibari the most but the stealth thing just gets on too many peoples nerves so they dont come out that often. My real favourite race from the show and in ships is the Vorlons but I just havent used them much yet (though I do think theyre playable now with their tourney list and even better soon in armageddon (I hope :p)