Which books do I need?


Sorry if this is covered somewhere else and I can't tell from the descriptions.

Do I actually need the "Starter Set" AND the "Core Rules" to play? Or are they basically the same thing?
For Mongoose 2nd (current) edition Traveller the Starter Set has been out of print for a few years and was much loved by all for being a very nice package of pretty much the whole thing in a box plus a few nice bits and bobs. You can still get it in pdf on DriveThruRPG but I have given up hope on ever seeing a reprint for my collection. These days just buying the core book TRAVELLER CORE RULEBOOK UPDATE 2022 SKU MGP40058-b is the standard starting place, the whole game is in this book. An additional nice option for a taste of Traveller without paying for full book is TRAVELLER EXPLORER'S EDITION SKU MGP40074 which you can get a pdf of for 0.95 cents. It limits careers to Scholar and Scout but is a nice introduction to the system.
Thank you for the reply but actually I was asking for PARANOIA! (Since this was a Paranoia forum, I thought that was implied). 😜

But thank you for actually responding....I don't want you to think I'm ungrateful. 🙏
Oh dear, sorry about that 🤣 That's what I get for linking in via my RSS reader, I'll leave it where it is in case anyone else finds it useful and a reminder to myself to, read... the ... words... I'm still playing Paranoia XP myself so no help in your actual question I'm afraid. Good luck!
NM....figured it out. For anyone else wondering: CORE book is all you need. (pretty sure starter kit is the older edition).
Core book is all you need, though I'd suggest the Accomplice Book as the next one, as it has the Mission generator in it, but you could just look at Brave New Missions if you 5 ready to run.