Which book has write-ups for Judge Death and Co?



I know they're not in the Most Wanted Book. Does anyone know where these iconic villians' write-ups are? Judge Death, Fire, Mortis, Fear. Thanks.
Unless someone has snuck them in somewhere without me noticing, these guys have not yet been rolled up. This was high on the list of things we wanted for higher level judges, but has not seen the light of day yet.

An idea would be for someone to write an adventure for levels 10-12 judges (Senior Judges) where they encounter them, but have no way of standing against them directly. They have to use their heads to capture the arch-villains. This would give a wonderful new adventure, and a perfect opportunity to list the stats for the dark judges.

The Dark Judges (or Kraken for that matter) have yet to make it into an official Mongoose product, though I have been toying with the idea of writing a three part adventure for Signs and Portents that will take the team back in time to the dark days of Necropolis (played out in flashback) as they have to use their prior contact and experince with the Dark Judges in order to solve a spate of crimes.

That could be interesting Marc. It's hard to imagine exactly how you could tie it together to make them need to go back, but you are a talented writer and I would love to read something like this.

It would also be a good way to get my players more experienced in the world of Judge Dredd. I could get them all to read the book as part of their briefing (studying the archives for clues).

The only thing I would worry about is the limitation on the number of words per issue. Ideally, if you were sending judges back to Necropolis, you would need stats for the four dark judges (Death, Fear, Fire, Mortis), the sisters of death (Phobia and Nausea), and Kraken... possible even Chief Judge Silver and Judge Kit Agee... depending on what happens. The point is, to fully cover those characters, you would need a lot of room for each one...

Arabin: The actual adventure is told two fold, with part of the adventure taking place when the players where green faced rookies or cadets during the darkest moments of Necropolis and also right up to date in 2126. Without giving two much away the adventure (all three parts) will see the players facing their worst nightmares as they attempt to solve a current dilema that is gripping Sector 190 (Mongoose's default setting for adventures), and will rely very heavily on roleplaying and investigation instead of the shoot punk first, ask questions later.

Thanks for the update Marc. Necropolis was back in 2112, so if I understand correctly, the players would have been 1 year into their Cadet training at the Academy of Law at the time of Necropolis.

It sounds really interesting. I'm not sure how you could cope with playing the characters when they were just cadets, unless the first part is more storytelling that rolling checks or dealing with combat. You mention that will rely more heavilly on roleplaying, which would be a welcome change.

It sounds good, and I hope you do put pen to paper on this. If you need anyone to playtest it, let me know.