Where the heck is ZAMBOULA?!


Every supplement and map in the Mongoose line has it in Turan, practically on the Road of Kings... but if I'm not mistaken, that's completely WRONG!

Isn't Zamboula supposed to be MUCH further south... like way down in the middle of the Eastern Desert?

Seriously, what would the Stygians and Darfari cannibals be doing that far north?

This has been bugging me for some time now. Overall I love what Mongoose has done with the Conan license, but Zamboula seems really botched.
IMHO, Zamboula should be located where I put it on this map:


This is also where I placed the city in my own campaign.
For more good maps by Vincent (and much more!) , be sure to check Thulsa's excellent site hyboria.xoth.
1st excellent map Vincent! :) 2nd in the map from old Savage Sword it showed Zamboula where Vincent has placed it. I know that SS is not canon but it makes much more sense than up near Zamora and Turan.