Where are the rest of the Drakh?

I've just picked up the B5 Rpg Drakh guide, it is absolutely fantastic. A superb book with rich background, well written articles and a great section on the Drakh warships.
However, as I reached for my ACTA Drakh book there were 2 main questions on my mind...
1. Why don't the Drakh warships in ACTA match up with the extensive backgrounds? - yes, that old questions.
2. More importantly, where are the rest of the ships? The book includes the ships from the ACTA source but also includes a further 5 ships, all of which would be an excellent addition to any Fleet commander and 1 of which is such a cool idea I don't know why it was never in the Drakh book.....
The ships are the Temple ship; appears to be a Light Cruiser / Shadow ship hybrid, with great significance to the Drakh religiously. As well as being the source of their cloning tech.
Heavy Scout; doesn't even need a miniature, based on the Heavy Raider hull without the Beam weapon. Has pulses forward, Stealth and a Jump Engine, as well as Scout ability.
Courier; Very very very fast, little armor, few weapons, GEG2
Shield Escort; This is the cream of the crop, so far as ACTA is concerned. A tiny little escort vessel with a GEG3 and a kamikaze crew, trained to throw their tiny ship in between the enemy fire and their capital ships! How cool an idea is that for ACTA? That would be extremely interesting to play and could help defend the otherwise weak carriers and Motherships.
Cargo Hauler; a few illicitly obtained Earth transporters, add a few slightly larger Drakh guns and a GEG. A Q ship if ever I saw 1!
- I can only hope that Mongoose have some plans for creating these designs, I may have a go myself at knocking up some stats and perhaps scratch building a ship or 2....
Yup, the source book is great! I also noticed the description oh the fast destroyer differs greatly from the miniature; the RPG book describes the FD as an elongated heavy Raider with smaller fins... sounds cool.