What's Actually Contained in Acute Paranoia?

Title, basically.
I'm considering pre-ordering the box set, as I sadly had to miss the kickstarter for various reasons when it was live.
I had a look at the kickstarter page, however, just to get a feel for the box to decide how interested I was, or if the original box i already have is enough for now.
Are the R&D and Beast cards mentioned on the kickstarter page only for backers?
From what I've seen in Drivethrurpg, Acute Paranoia contains:
The TS Survival Guide
The GM's Despotic Power book
Missions 2.0
Action cards
Equipment cards
Mutant power cards
Secret society cards
Disorder Bingo cards
Bot creation cards (Brain, Modules, Chassis, Glitch and Virus Societies)
Bot Character Sheet
Bestiary Cards

I don't know about the RAM deck the Safe Gear or the Truth or Dare adventure.(I think they are expansions.)