Whatever has happened to LBH?

What do you think has happened to LBH?

  • His shelf of unpainted ACTA minis has collapsed on top of him and he can't escape

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  • His house has been burried under a delivery of thunderbolts

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  • He has suffered a RSI and can't type after using the mongoose forums too much

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  • Other

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Being as the forums resident post hog has not posted for a few days, I was wondering what might have happened to him....

(And nothing dull like he's just on Holiday, I am sure we can be more creative than that.)
He's being held hostage by a radical group of EA players demanding that he reveal the location of his secret stash of Mongoose Mini's and in particular his T'Bolts
He has evolved to a higher level of existence, leaving his physical body behind and plugging his psyche directly into the Mongoose webpage...
All i found out about him was this

"After his Thunderbolt, hencefort referred to as an Unidentified Flying Object by official instances, flew over a completely random village called Roswell, it crashed due to a technical malfunction.
Since nothing ever happens or has happened in this small community, nor any secret projects or grose lies about visitors from other times and or places, the public can assume it was not a UFO but a simple weatherballoon. The balloon was unmanned and is now safely stashed in the completely normal, nothing special base of the US Government which, for the sake of easiness we will just call Area 51 in accordance to it`s topographic location on the maps."

Psi Corps file alpha 3#257
Subject: System melting Telepath uncovered
Status: pressumed lost after the shadow war, investigate with urgency
Note: The human is clearly overcome by the shadow implants as he keeps yelling he is the Last best Hope of humanity, terminate upon reaching a post count of 24.999 in order to prevent further computer access.
his post count accumulated so much mass that gravitational force collapsed him into a singularity

that or he killed himself with the dremel he wanted while attempting to drill holes in his White Star counter fleet! :lol:
I've gone for the thunderbolt delivery option, especially as they're now coming in packs instead of individually, so he probably forgot and ended up with four times the amount he ordered...
I think it's more likely he is as Heathrow airport, where he has been waiting for 5 days to go nowehere, and all of his luggage has now been lost.
Is it really him?
or some computer hacker who got into LBH's secret login?
Or maybe its an alien impersonating him, hmm but why would one impersonate LBH?
Or maybe its a Psicorp clone?
maybe its the Govt pretending to be him to keep mongoose stock steady and posters on this forum satisfied?
Tank said:
Or maybe its an alien impersonating him, hmm but why would one impersonate LBH?

Unfortunately their agents had the intel a little bit off - they were instructed to find and replace the human with the greatest level of access to our fighter defence screen.
Darn that must prove that he is an alien agent if he has a bot!!!!

I want one tooo! Mongoose I demand you release a posting bot for forum members so that we dont get disadvantaged if we are away from our PC for over 24Hrs