What MJD is writing for Mongoose Next

Right now I'm working on... something... that's pretty epic. But I don't know whether I'm supposed to talk about it yet. So all I'll say is that it ties in with the Great Rift set and it's pretty epic.

I think it's OK to talk about what I just finished writing. That would be the Sword Worlds book that was announced a while back. I tried to get into the mindset of the Swordies and came up with a few interesting observations. One is that a Sword Worlder seeing our advertising would be unimpressed. Images of happy people having a good time, car driving dramatically about, guy goes to business meeting in the car...'How do they expect to sell that car to anyone?' asks our Swordie. 'Nobody said it was good, or that they had one and it impressed them.'
Sword Worlds? Heh, With all the Rifts and Claws and Elements I’ve kinda forgotten about them, glad to hear they’re on their way!

I seem to recall they were gonna get quite a rework, so will we recognize anything from the prior book?

Epic Great Rift related new project sounds very exciting... :)
Interesting that Sword Worlds writing is complete and its not even announced on the release schedule yet. Mongoose has really cranked up their production. Do they have the layout staff and art to match?

I like epic. Epic things are good.
They can publish it when they are good and ready, as long as they pay you on time, right? (and it helps everyone if by waiting we get a higher quality product)