What is your favorite class in the core book?

Favorite Lone Wolf RPG Class

  • Brotherhood of the Crystal Star Wizard

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  • Dwarven Gunner of Bor

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  • Kai Lord

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  • Magician of Dessi

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  • Shadaki Buccaneer

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  • Sommerlund Knight

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  • Telchos Warrior

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I went for Buccaneer of Shadaki, I just read throught the class last night and really enjoyed it. Loads of skill points and some quite distinctive abilities. I can feel a 'Captain Jack Sparrow' character coming on. :)
Kai Lords flair, woodsy garb hiding behind trees! :lol:

I have to say Buccaneers may be my favourite and that suprised me, but I don't think that there is a poor class in the book. Having finished reading the classes and putting a few together they are all superb. Well done August.
It was very nice to see the range of classes, and that all the attention wasn't given to Kai Lords, but they're still my favourite. They're like medieval Jedi or a cross between knights, rangers, samurai and ninja!

And in terms of the mechanics, they are the most versatile character class. You could have a group of 4 Kai Lords, and each one would have different Disciplines taken at different times, giving each one his or her own specialties. With a couple of the other classes there is little room for variety, and by the uppermost levels, many that do have choices of advancement will all have pretty much the same abilities.

Put it this way: Kai Lord is the only class that could work if the entire group were made up of it. Which is good since I'm planning a campaign that will start based around the training of Kai at the monastery.
Yup, Kai Lord for me too. Various reasons, but not least of which is the opportunity to actually play Lone Wolf if one so desires!
Hard to pick one from the pack, but the idea of a Dwarven Gunner taking three shots from his rifle, ditching it to simultaneously draw two pistols, and then firing both -- all in the one round -- wins out for me. Even though it's well and truly in the realm of the unbelievable, it's just too cool.
so never piss of a dwarf

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I voted for Dwarven Gunner but the Buccaneer of Shadaki was a close second. As much as I love Kai Lords, these aforementioned classes provide a great change of pace. However, since I will be the GM, I won't get to play anything other than a bunch of NPCs... :(
I voted for the Brother of the Crystal Star. I like playing Wizards/Sorcerers in D&D and to me the brotherhood class is how the D&D magic system should work!
My wife likes the Telchos warrior, but then she's always had an unnatural fondness for Barbarians. :)