What exactly is the level of authority of a Senior Judge?


Hi folks,
Well after so many gaming sessions and so much real time put in, we players playing judges in our current judge dredd game have made senior judges.
feels like we've earned it after all this time.

i was just wondering if anyone has any details anecdotal or otherwise about exactly what kind of authority a senior judge has?

i know in the comics Dredd's official rank is just senior judge, and i think he sometimes functions as a tac-chief, but obviously player characters will never have as much authority as Dredd, who seems as important as the council of five most of the time.

any suggestions or info or even discussion would be appreciated and welcomed,
If memory serves, and it might not, I think that senior judges get to vote for a new Chief Judge, should the need for one arise.
Dredd is a very different case as well. Although he is a Senior Judge, he is also the face of the Justice Department, and the embodiment of the Law. He answers only to the Chief Judge, and will quite often act as Chief Judge.

It's a hard thing to pin down, but I think this was discussed some time ago, and the general idea was that a Senior Judge is someone who is not necesarily pinned down to a single sector, but travels around more freely. He isn't always assigned cases, but often chooses his own. Also, as Dredd has done in the past, Senior Judges should pull shifts in all divisions to make sure they are kept abreast of the entire Justice Department.

i think a senior judge has a lot more responsibility !

1. they become Tac-Group Leader in their sector house. so they have to coordinate the judges in their Tac Group (that ist one of many in their Watch). so players have to think more tactically if the need arises for a mission for the whole tac group.

2. they may lead the cadets on their "First eagle day"

3. they may lead the cadets on their "hotdog run" in cursed earth

4. they may get a rookie at their side to show him the "real life" on the streets (even if the film was bad...i think it was a nice example for Hershey and her appointed Rookie)
Arabin said:
Judge Morbo said:
2. they may lead the cadets on their "First eagle day"

It's "Full Eagle Day", but I agree with you about some of those responsibilities.


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ok ok ok...you're right Arabin :)