What Dredd Awakening?

Good catch there Has. I've not heard anything about this before... so I'd love to hear some more details about what it is. It doesn't say it's a rookies guide, so maybe it's an adventure? Perhaps it's a book on the awakening of the Dark Judges?

There must be something solid to reveal about this or surely it wouldn't have appeared on the website yet.

Actually I guess one of the things being done in the comics is a breakout of face-huggers in Mega-City. And yes I mean THOSE face-huggers.
hassanisabbah said:
On the Dredd future releases theres something called

The Awakening....

Any news (like what)

It's a scenario by - I think! - Signs & Portents regular, Matthew Pritchard.

Somebody will put me right if I'm wrong, I'm sure.
I think that Matt is right and it is written by Matthew Pritchard, though I could be wrong.

As for Aliens in Dredd continuity? Well the Verminators from Dredd/Aliens: Incubus, should with luck (dependant on editorial decisions at Mongoose Halls) be in Atlantis as a prestige class, though I deliberatly left the Aliens out of the book for legal reasons.

If you want a d20 version of the Alien race there is one to be found at the following url:

I have the d20 versions of the Predator alien and Lobo somewhere on disc that I started ages ago and if anyones interested will get them tidyed up and put up on Dredd Times along with my Judgement on Gotham, Vendetta on Gotham, Batman/Dredd adventures.

My wife has just finished proofreading the Awakening and she was very impressed with it. She's never run a game of Judge Dredd before but reading the Awakening has given her an urge to do so.

I wish I could say more about it but I don't want to break her NDA.
Through talking to various people, I have discovered a little about The Awakening and I don't think any of the following information is secret. I hope nobody is offended by me posting this here, but if so, I apologize.

The adventure has a focus on the paranormal and is perfect for your Psi Judges. It is designed for a group of 5th to 7th level judges so it is perfect to follow on from the Target: Mega-City One adventure by John Caliber. If you do not have a player playing a Psi Judge, then you could still get through this by having the group call for backup and having a Psi Judge npc accompany them.

I don't know any of the details beyond this, but I am very excited about it.

Please note, I have not seen this, I have not tested it, and I have not met face to face with anyone who has. It is entirely possible that all of the above is incorrect, so believe it as your own risk. Having said that, I have no reason to doubt that this information is true.

Nice, sounds like a "must" purchase for me. Thanks for being on the ball... I've been checking regularly for a glimpse at the cover. It looks great...

Ack It sounds really interesting, but as its judge based I have no real use for it. Guess it'll just have to be sat along side the other material for a rainy day! 8)
It'd probably take quite a lot of work to twist it around to a perp campaign, but there may be something youi can use from it. I'm really excited about this one and hope my players are up to the task.

So what’s this bad boy about any new info?

Any chance of a cameo appearance of a Dark Judge, if so you have my pre-order!!!

BigSteveUK said:
So what’s this bad boy about any new info?

Any chance of a cameo appearance of a Dark Judge, if so you have my pre-order!!!


I hope I'm not giving too much away if I say that it includes a very brief cameo for ALL FOUR Dark Judges...:)
*shiver* Okay, that did it. I simply have to have this now (like I wasn't going to get it before). Since the Dark Judges are one of the top requests on this board (after Cursed Earth) I thikn you just drastically boosted the expected sales.

Is The Awakening out yet? I have it on order from Amazon (as it is so difficult to get Mongoose Dredd stuff elsewhere - _and_ the new novels from Black Flame ALL of which I have had to get from Amazon... grumble grumble...)