Well Done Mongoose for a great game!

All in all this is a fantastic game book that exceded all my expectations. Well done and thanks for all the hard work you've put in (and are continuing to put in with the pdf downloads and input on these boards). My complaints regarding typos are perhaps overstated. Due to the excellent quality of the books they seem so much more contrasted.

I'm just looking forward to an errata so that I can begin making the necessary corrections.

Once again Cheers Guys. You have my full support for the furure of this line that will be evidenced via my future purchasing of your fine products.

Gorden the Pict
Got to play my 1st game after playtesting this weekend and despite some rules oversights (can't shake the D&D paradigm!) I had a smashing good time! I'm thrilled with the materials, content and effort that resulted in this fantastic addition to the RPG world and look forward to future material.
Add me to the list of people that have and love this book! Very, very cool stuff!!!

I grew up reading Conan (issues 80-100 range) and used to wait EVERY month for the latest issues!

I'll never forget issue 100, it still shines in my mind. Now I get to PLAY it!! Fantastic book! Thank you!
Just want to give another "Huzzah!" for the book, but this time from the perspective of a guy who never read a Howard story much less thought of himself as a Conan fan. I felt compelled to go out and buy the recent Del Ray collection of the first Conan stories and have been inspired even further. I'm in the process of getting a friend of mine who's been a long-time Conan buff to GM a campaign of this for our group sometime in the future.

I'd like to throw in my thanks as well. This is an awesome game! I haven't had this much fun and sheer, raw inspiration in a while.

I was introduced to Robert Howard when I was 13 (20 years ago), and am still, to this day, inspired by his works, all the way from Conan and Solomon Kane to his boxing and Western stories.

This book more than does justice to his wondrous works. I didn't put the Conan RPG with my other RPG books. This one is proudly placed on the same shelf as my Robert E. Howard books.
I just finished my detailed read-through and I have to agree that this game is really something else. Sure, the proof editing is a little rough around the edges and there are some confusing/inconsistent points in the rules, but the over-arching impression the book makes is of (finally!) realizing the potential of the D+D/D20 game mechanics. People, including myself, have griped about some of the core elements of this family games for close to 30 years, but they have remained a pillar of the gaming community for a reason: they are better than anything else at 'doing' diverse, balanced and genuinely fun play over a wide range of character abilities. I think Conan is the first incarnation of those rules I have seen that keeps these core strengths, fixes most of the irritating foibles, and layers on a patina of coolness that the game has been lacking since 1980. Way to go!

Now, keep in mind that your company has put out some dogs as well, and the world needs another blah D20 splatbook like an over-full carnival port-a-potty needs another turd. So, keep your standards high, and remain true to your material as the follow-up books start coming out. Turn this one into a classic!

My 2 cents.
Thanks everybody for their kind words. Like Babylon 5, the Conan project has had its share of rough days on the Vilayet, but I can assure everybody that Paul Tucker and his team of writers and playtesters are working extremely hard to ensure that Conan gets the respect he deserves. We are particularly fortunate to have Vincent Darlage on board now, whose knowledge easily eclipses mine, and I thought I knew a lot about Conan!