Website Tweaks for Traveller


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Looking to get into the Traveller RPG but don't know where to start? We have a new page for you!

Veterans of Traveller will also see that the website has been tweaked to help you find what you are after too!

I posted these comments on Reddit, but I might as well post these comments here, too, in an edited format.

I've got a copy of The Fall of Tinath. In the book, at some point (Chapter 4) the book says "The following data is for the use of the referee. Anyone who intends to play in these adventures should stop reading now."

You've now divided up your Traveller section into The Charted Space Universe, Adventures, and Campaigns. (There are other sections, too.) I'm assuming that The Charted Space Universe books are generally safe for players to read, while Adventures and Campaigns sections are not. (The JotTAS, by its nature, is going to be a mixed bag.) Am I correct in my assumption? If so, you might want to put some sort of warning on the top of the Adventures and Campaigns pages.

A question about the Adventures books. Obviously, Campaigns go on for a long time. But Adventures can either be one-shot quick adventures (good for things like conventions, learning to GM, etc.) while others are meant for multiple days. (Again, going back to The Fall of Tinath. The book includes five separate linked adventures, each of which might only be one day in duration.) It would be useful if the description on the books included some indication if the contents were a mini-campaign like TFoT, one big adventure, or one or more short one-shot adventure(s). It might also be useful to know if the numbered Adventure books need to be played in a certain order.

For example, I'm looking for one shot adventures. Are the Marches Adventures 1-5 five short adventures that usually take about three hours (plus or minus) or are they longer term adventures?

(I imagine that the adventures in the Journal are generally one-shot adventures.)
Hey there,

All of our single adventures are standalone, and they typically take 4-6 hours to play through.