Weapons of the Shield Maidens


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Coming up with some fresh ideas and a whole new array of equipment and vehicles is great fun for any designer – but it can also be quite challenging.

Every Shield Maiden is already very much in sync with her Guardian Shield, but even though each Galdr is unique and each hub has its own properties, most players would find having only one kind of weapon to choose from to be severely limiting… but a game also needs to keep up its suspension of disbelief in order to be as immersive as possible and how do you justify the in-game logic of carrying around anything other than a Guardian Shield? After all, there’s almost nothing in the nine realms more powerful or versatile.


Even though it took them decades of research, Shield Maiden weaponsmiths were able to build a series of conduits that allows a weapon or other piece of equipment to draw energy from a Guardian Shield. In game terms, this means the wielder of such a weapon can add the Shield Dice and number of runes to the damage, and armour also benefits from runes. This allows for a more varied arsenal… which makes the Shield Maidens even more of a feared and extremely adaptable foe.

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