we need modern war games

Battlefield Evolution is fairly close, using technology expected to come online in the next 10-15 years. There will most likely be S&P articles providing stats for modern units that you can use with the game system. (I'm still pushing for some options that might be a little more in line with what you're looking for, but it will be some ways off at best.)
kos6834 said:
i want to use modern tuff though

The equipment being put into BF Evo is only about 4-5 years away (at best estimates), and even then about 75% of it is being used right now.
i know holistic design has a few modern war RPGs but i would like mongoose to do something. alex fennell will be in massachusetts on the 7th and i will be describing my idea of creating a modern rpg that will blow holistic out of the water
Ever since painting up my first modern 1:35 Dragon figs I cant get the though about a good 1:35 modern skimrish system out of my head.
Sadly in 1:35 WW2 dominates to the point that you cant realy use anything on the market as OPFOR
Still the scale is perfect for specops operations and more realistic then 28mm.
that very fact. Battlefield evo will fit the bill for me quite nicely. Mongoose is fast becoming my favorite gaming company. And finally a game I can collect and not have to worry about painting. I don't mind, but with a wife and small child it's nearly impossible