Fifth Frontier War/Wrath of the Ancients


Cosmic Mongoose

Reading wrath of the Ancients I've just come to the information about significant reinforcements from the Sector Fleet being sent to 5 Sisters subsector. It crossed my mind that this might affect the 5FW

If the deployment is pre-war then those ships are out of position when hostilities start (and may not go back to fight the war given what's going on in Wrath.
If during the war, pulling a couple of battleship squadrons away to what most will see as a backwater will have senior commanders not-in-the-know and politicians screaming at the (apparent) stupidity of the deployment.
They also mention that after a while most of that deployment was redeployed. But you could definitely have some fun with running Wrath during the FFW if you wanted to heighten tension and confusion.
Heads are going to roll if there are near-simultaneous red alerts at Five Sisters and Querion and major fleet assets are half-way between them useless to both. 😁