War of the Rising Star

Any one out there that can give me some details on this little mentioned Earth war. From the episodes I have seen I have deducted the following.

It was a Earth Civil war

Fought before the Dilgar War

Most likely fought in the Earth Year 2213

I have pieced together these facts from a couple of different episodes. Also reading the Earth Force sourcebook I dident't see anything mentioned unless I missed it.

Anyone got any info on this war please let me know. I have heard that there is a lot of official fluff out there novels stories etc. If these have any info on this subject please let me know. Thanks
The 23rd century started with another period of Terran dissension, spearheaded by a Martian independence movement and a corresponding upgrade to fleet elements. Once again, the rising tide of internal EA conflicts threatened to lead to civil war. This time Earthforce would be ready, and the fleet frantically attempted to add as many new ships as possible and update older ships to current technology so the feared war could be contained.

The war came in 2212, and was quickly quelled by prompt and overwhelming EA force. Despite the rapid end to the conflict, President Kiyoshi was assassinated by a fanatic loyal to the losing side. Meanwhile, relations withe the newly encountered Narn Regime were deteriorating rapidly.

In 2219, the Narn troubles flared into open combat. Epsilon Indi V was invaded, but the Narn forces were repelled with relative ease. Earth was never threatened, though skirmishing on the frontiers continued until the 2224 treaty ended the conflict.

B5W Rules Compendium, The Earth Alliance historical background, page 188

In the Narn background, overexpansion of the Narn Regime after the first Centauri pullout is why the EA was able to expel the Narn from Epsilon Indi with ease.

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Forgive me my error, for thou art both wise and mighty and the rest of us are as insignificant ants in thy presence. Pray grant us more of thy wisdom, Lord LBH.


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The War of the Shining was the 23rd century version of "American Idol." You know the stars got out of hand and began killing other. It's only natural.
I was going to suggest that it might have been when General Franklin became the "Liberator of the African-block", but then I realized that he would have a teenager at best at the time.

So... does anyone know during what conflict General Franklin DID "Liberate the African-Block"?
I heard somewhere, in my usually scouring of the of the internet, that this particular war might have been a conflict between the economic powers of the East and West with Japan as a central focus, but I have also heard this story line somewhere else.

As for the "Liberator of the African Block" I also had the impression that this was due to mineral and launch resources held in the African states to enable free access to them.

If I remember correctly , the Rising star war was the one that involved two EA colonies , and if I am correct the EA president was killed towards the end , while the future General Franklin was shoot down and captured by one of the factions involved in the war . But I can be mistaken ...