Wallenstein PM

Yogah of Yag

Anyone else get a weird private message from a sender named Wallenstein, claiming to want to swap pdf's?
I checked the memberlist, and Wallenstein has no posts, and may be a spammer. By the way, that memberlist is clogged with hundreds of spammer names. Perhaps the Powers That Be should do some spring-cleaning.
Yes I recieved a Pm from Wallenstein but on the Conan.com site not from this site. I thought he was talking about the S & P articiles before #25 but he sent me back a message clarifying he wanted the supplements as pdfs. I haven't responed back to him.
This is the wallenstein text....(for those few who haven't got it too *g*)

"Hello XYZ

I'm searchng for someone with who I can exchange my Conan RPG in PDF.
Do you have something and want to exchange?