Versatility of the MI


I just noticed that with most of the MI variants, you can make armies out of jsut two boxed sets, and get near enought or bang on 1000 points. It should be a major emphasis no players when they get into it: 'You only need 2 boxes and you have a decent army, none of this kill team or combat patrol junk, you have a legal army'.

1 Cougar and 1 Grizzley exosuits bos:
Cougar sqaud of 3, Grizzley squad of 3, Grizzly NCO (1000, and a bit more with skills, corporals, etc)

2 LAMI boxes
Lietenant, NCO, 2 nine man squads and 2 ten man (about 700 or 800, but 40 metal models for less than $50 man!)

2 Pathfinder sets
NCO trench sweeper, 1 squad of seven with four special weapons, one squad of 8 with four special weapons

Aside from the core rules and army books, I think this is pretty darn good. I know it is a bit obvious, but it just goes to show again how far your money can go with mongoose, or how little one needs to demo wtih.

Wheres my credit card?
Well, you could buy the box set, get 20 Arachnids, 16 MI Cap troopers, the rulebook, templates, dice, and a plasticard bunker for $80.00. Now there is a deal.
Duh. I nkow that. What if you do not want an army in the starter set? I just wanted to bring up the point of how good the value is.

But you are right, you get about $100 worht of miniatures in the starter, dice, card terrain and card units, not to mention the book.
And here I thought I was going to have to drop a couple grand to amass the hordes of MI and Bugs I wanted to have!
I fell for that....luckilly, the new MI player hasn't been so lucky.... Poor squads dropped down right next to a 15 warrior bug strong unit. He was hoping a squad he had positioned right on top of a tunnelling marker would have held them off....