What rank would the commander hold? and suggested Skill DM?


In my current, as well as last for a long while, Drinax Campaign Drinax has been restored and The Players are thinking of using a large part of Drinax's Monthly earnings to hire A Army to guard New Queen Rao. But what rank would you suggest giving their commander? and what Skill DM's would you suggest?, I have ideas but value and want those of the other people on this site

He or she will lead A force of the following

Professional Fighters in the form of 1,250 Regular Marines, 126 Corporals, 44 Sergeants, 44 Lieutenants, 14 Gunnery Sergeants, 8 Majors, 4 Sergeant Majors and 4 Colonels

None-Fighters that have received moderately advanced self-defence training in the form of 120 Medics, 40 Drivers, 40 Cooks, 24 Administrators and 12 Doctors

Armoured support in the form of 44 Cougar Battle Tanks each with 3 crew, 44 Sawfly Light Attack Aircraft each with 1 Crew, 4 Paladin Laser Grav Tanks each with 3 Crew and 4 Fury Helicopter both with 2 Crew

He also has command of Starship Grade Support in the form of 8 200 ton Drinax Harriers each with 12 Crew, 4 600 ton Corsairs each with 20 Crew, 4 600 ton versions of The 300 ton Indigo Class Carrier both with 44 Crew, 1 400 ton Armed and Armoured Scout with 14 crew, 1 800 ton Wyvern with 80 Crew and 1 1,200 version of The 800 Ton Mercenary Cruiser with 75 Crew

But that does cost Drinax a whopping Cr 49,754,393 a month


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Considering the traditions of Drinax...

Is Lord Wrax gone? If he's still around then he'd be the natural choice to command them, and his title would be... the same as it always was, unless Rao chooses to add another one.

If Lord Wrax isn't around anymore (for whatever reason) then the title would be whatever Rao decided on.

In either case it would probably be an overwrought mouthful, because they don't do titles small in those parts.
(Standard reply):

A very small amount of research - and by that I mean a few minutes on Wikipedia - would give you a grounding in what ranks command what force levels. I have repeatedly suggested you try this. You might also look at the force descriptions in certain Traveller books. Is this really about asking pretty much the same question again, or do you just want to tell people about your uber character and their large force of soldiers?