Vehicle Building Spreadsheet


The project was in development for a year now, so it is pretty mature now. With vehicle building rules presented in MgT2 Vehicle Handbook being vague as their are, there are also options to adjust it to your particular understanding of them - handling turret spaces being the biggest issue, handling costs trailing behind it, "space cheat" with fuel being the third and using space guns a distant fourth.
The link is to the Google Sites 2.0 landing page with changelog and latest version links. Uses Google Sheets and cant be easily exported to Excel or similar, sorry privacy conscious people. Link to the landing page: Latest version is 5.05a.
Bug reports and feature requests will be handled through discord.
Included in the builder is a "vehicle character sheet" by J. Brannen (with author's permission), so you can run your custom built vehicle at the table using it and save the trees.
I am trying to build a repository of officially printed and custom vehicles (Google Drive folder, link on the landing page and in the spreadsheet), but that is a bit of a Sisyphean labor, you can help by rebuilding and submitting your favorite vehicles.
Woohoo! Been looking for something like this, and thought I was going to have to write my own, thank the gods that's not happening!

Will take a look when I'm not sat at work.


Thought I would add an example of a thing made with this tool.

A custom ATV with art by my player: - TL11 Rush Buggy Open ATV.png?psid=1

A low TL fighter jet to use on some independent low tech world, like Datrillian, should the players feel they go murderhoboing there in their fancy Far Trader, clad in Combat Armors and armed with gauss guns... art for this is taken from a videogame. I hope they dont mind. - TL8 Raven STOL Interceptor Jet.png?psid=1

An exploration grav bike conformant to Personal Vehicle benefit from character creation:!AiOqsYK25nm6i4x-_TbAVELEqJ_uPA?e=u7s7kr

A weird exploration tracked vehicle conformant to Personal Vehicle benefit from character creation:!AiOqsYK25nm6i4x9qfkLx4mOxAieag?e=PhFlUC

Edit: replaced img with url, because images wont load, added two more examples in for of PDFs