Use of Bigfoots and Nighthawks

Are you going to use the Bigfoot and/or Nighthawks?

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  • I'll use the Nighthawk

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  • I'm using both

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  • I'm not using either of em'!

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  • I'm a bug/skinnie player, why would I need them?

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I'm waiting on the rules to see if I'll use them. I will likely add a Nighthawk or two to my marauder platoon for some serious anti-aircraft firepower before my TACs show up.

I'm not quite sure what to make of the Big Foot without the rules for it. I don't even know what it's armed with! (Okay, other than a big cannon.)
Yeah. I'm thinking they'll be a little expensive in use (game point wise). I mean, they'll be at least 250 points, matching a freakin' tanker!
I'm going to use both.

I have ordered 4 'Bigfoot' models and next order I place will include a 'Nighthawk'.

I originally liked the look of the 'Bigfoot', now though, I am not real keen on the look of the Mortar on its back. So I am going to do a bit of converiosn work on two of the four that I have ordered. The game stats will remian the same however the look will be different. I am replacing the Mortar with a cool looking missile pack and I am keeping the hands and mounting some weapons slung under the arms. I have ordered all the various bits for the conversions.

The other two 'Bigfoot' models will become an entirely different version (another Marauder that I have designed myself), the reason I am using this particular model as a base is because I really dig the blocky looking shoulders of the 'Bigfoot' model.

When I get the 'Nighthawk' I will use it as is as I am happy with its look.