Upcoming Demo at Archon

Baron EvZ

Tomorrow night, I will be participating in my first Call-To-Arms game. It will be a 5pt. Patrol Demo, Narn v. Centauri, at Archon in Illinois. Given a choice, I will of course try to put those blasted Narn back into their proper place, although I'm uncertain as to whether or not I'll be able to choose my Side or my Fleet Configuration, as it is a Demo.

Ideally, however, this will be my spread.

A Corvan (1pt.) for the Scouting Initiative/Fire Control bonus.

A Standard Darkner (2pt.) for the 20" Battle Laser, that I might soften/smash a target early in the engagement.

A Maximus (2pt.) for durability and Anti-Fighter support.

Am I overlooking anything?
Only 3 ships will give your opponent the likely "initiative sink" advantage, he will likely have ships he can move once your fleet has all moved, giving him an opening for any Boresight weapons.

The Maximus is the weak link there, I reckon; it has a decent firepower against Patrol ships- without interceptors that is.

At Patrol-5, there really aren't that many alternatives, there aren't going to be any big fleets anyway. From Raid-Skirmish-Patrol, the possible choices run
Salust or Dargan and Corvan (1-0-1) might work.
The problem with any scenario that needs lots of Centuri patrol ships is that you're down to the Corvan. It's great. It's one of the best Patrol ships out there. It's not really heavily armed, though. 0-1-3 and 0-0-5 leave you without a single weapon more then Twin Linked. Dont try to fill the gap with Haven- they are so fragile they come apart in a strong solar wind.
At 0-2-1, I'd stick with the Darkner and Corvan, but consider a Vorchan or Vorchat instead of the Maximus.
I did consider the possibility, however the most effective Boresight that my opponent could afford is the Skirmish-Level Ka'Toc, thus leaving him with only three other Patrol options. Since a Fighter Wing won't work as a "sink," he'd have to take 3 Sho'Ko* cutters for the extra "sink." Also, given my First-turn advantage with the Scout in this situation (as the only viable Narn Scout is Skirmish Level), I doubt I need to worry about becoming out-manoeuvered, at least initially - and hopefully, by that time, I'll have weakened his Boresighted Gun(s) sufficiently.