New ACTA Campaign


Just thought I'd share my excitement about the new campaign we are starting here in Austin. As you could tell from some of my previous posts - we have been experimenting with the rules and are going to try out some new stuff.

Here's the jist of the campaign.
Eviction Notice
A Campaign for Babylon 5 ACTA

Several years have passed since Coriana V and the departure of the Sadows and Vorlons from the galaxy. Finally the younger races were free to find their own paths away from the prying eyes of the First Ones. Or were they?

Scout ships recently found a strange zone of hyperspace just across the galactic rim. The space seemed to fold in on itself in a strange fashion, forming an isolated pocket tens of lightyears across. Further exploration revealed that the ancient races had not quite kept their word. Within this pocket of space the Shadows, Volons, and a cadre of servants continued to secretly keep tabs on the galaxy.

Seeing this as an affront, several of the galactic powers dispatched fleets to show the First Ones that they were no longer needed and - more importantly - no longer capable of enforcing their will upon the the galaxy. Twelve fleets were sent, one from each major participating power. Nine were forever lost in hyperspace traps guarding the three entrances to this area.

The three surviving fleets each established a foothold in an outlying system. As no power had yet been able to penetrate the defenses of the Vorlon homeworld, this represented a unique opportunity to capture and study First One technology. Each fleet had orders to do so...and to prevent their rivals from doing the same.

Here's the map. It's crude for now (note the Pax Imperium reference):


Travel between systems is only possible through jump routes. The outer triangle of worlds are fairly normal. But the inner planets are going to be defended by NPC fleets. The Order worlds will have Abbai, Vree, and Minbari fleets defending. The Chaos worlds will have Psi Corps, Centauri, and Drakh defending.

The idea behind this is to avoid burnout playing the same fleets every time. The last campaign was great fun, but it did get a bit tiring fighting battle after battle of Dilgar vs. Centauri and Dilgar vs. EA every week. This way, when a player fights an NPC fleet the other players get to have some fun with Vree or Psi Corps or even shadows.

The center world has 4 locations. Two held by Vorlons and two held by Shadows. To win, a player must capture and hold at least 3 of the locations in the center system for 3 turns in a row.

We are instituting rules for drawing supply lines, scouting new systems, and we are going to try the experimental Command rules I discussed in another thread earlier this month.

I will be playing the Drazi. My opponents will be EA (Third Age) and Narn. The year is late enough that all ships are available. It's going to be a Boresight festival!

More information to follow and, of course, AARs will be forthcoming (we got a digital camera now rather than a phone). I will start posting for the new campaign on our web site in the next couple of weeks.

For the curious, I've published the campaign rules we are using on the web. These are subject to change and I welcome suggestions and questions from any of you.



Aaannnd we are a go!

The new campaign is up on the blog; inclduing an excellent intro for the EA by our best writer, Atreides.

Here's hoping this generates many AARs to share with you all.