Traveller Release Schedule 2024

Free Trader Beowulf (it doesn’t sound like it has any actual game mechanics in it and it doesn’t fit my budget)
Sounds intriguing. You think it could be a "Last Flight of The Beowulf" thing, or a quest to track down its hulk to retrieve something from the cargo hold?
Free Trader Beowulf (it doesn’t sound like it has any actual game mechanics in it and it doesn’t fit my budget)
It's more a history of the game itself, by Shannon Appelcline, who wrote two editions of Designers and Dragons (the first published by Mongoose, the second by Evil Hat), see here for more info about what he writes/wrote. I have the second edition, I find it fascinating to read about how the games in my favorite hobby came to be. :) But I totally get it if it's not something that interests you.

Recently watched him on this 2023 Year in Review interview:
Big fan of Designers & Dragons*, and definitely looking forward to this, but yes, the more it resembles a regular book and the less it resembles a game book, the happier I will be, for indefinable reasons.

*Though there is a part of me that is saddened that I am now interested in 'the history of businesses...'
I notice that the hardcopy release date for the World Builder's Handbook kept being pushed back. Is there a definite date for posting yet?
Where do you see that? It looks to be in February where it's been since this thread was started?
It says PDF and physical preorder January on the website calendar, I think that's an advancement to an earlier in the year than it was previously on the chart, but don't really remember.

I'm still confused as to whether there's a date for Companion Update 2024. I understand the PDF is out now, but is that something I can order with a physical preorder at this time? It looks like the only option is still to order to original companion, which will get me the Update in pdf.
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The companion does not exist in physical form at the moment. They released the pdf far ahead of when it would be possible to work the companion into the publishing schedule. They are not going to make the physical book available for pre-order until it has a slot with their publishers. Which was originally not expected until late this year. If something else slips and opens a slot, maybe earlier.

I don't look at the website calendar, so that's why I didn't see the January listing there. I kind of feel like it isn't as updated as the forum thread, but I could be wrong about that. :D The Bounty Hunter book was listed in January 2024 in the old 2023 thread, but it was put in February when they posted the 2024 release schedule thread.
I don't see World Builders Handbook on the list at all, and no recent (last 2 screens of comments) mention of it on the "traveller-release-schedule-2023".
Now I have the PDF and absolutely love it, so I am very much wanting the physical copy soonest.

Any word on when we will see World Builders Handbook in the warehouse and out for shipping?
I know that 2024 will be the year I catch up with some titles which are out already but I haven't yet bought, including The Deep and The Dark and The Trailing Frontier.
We have been told that World Builder's (along with Rim Expeditions and Mysteries) is 'imminent'. Now, what that means in today's international freight is... flexible... But it should not be too long now.
Thank you for the information. It is appreciated.
With us now a third of the way through January when do you think we will start to see previews of Bounty Hunter. Thanks
A few updates - some jiggles on the release schedule, and a couple of new titles added.

Also, we have just heard that the following are in the US warehouse and will be making their way to us here in the UK in the next week or so:

World Builder's Handbook
Rim Expeditions
Mysteries of the Ancients
Does Mongoose have a north American distributer, or will us colonials have to wait for it to reach the UK, before it gets sent back this way?
I assume they are send by the Royal Mail so that you tea-drowning rebellious colonists finally pay the Crown at least some of the money you own the King :)
LOL...I'm only an adopted colonist, born in Doncaster. My parents where wise enough to see the '80's coming, and shipped us out of coal mining country, and all the way to Canada.
And I for one, think the destruction of tea, should be a capitol offense.