Torpedoes and Missiles


Banded Mongoose
Quick question: what DMs (besides salvo size, homing, and +6 for distant) apply to missile attack rolls? Do the regular range mods apply? Can the target take evasive action? Does software (fire control /evade) apply?


Cosmic Mongoose
Note that it is the missile salvo that attacks, not the launching ship. The target can impose DMs on the attack as usual.

Tupper said:
Do the regular range mods apply?
No. Note the range limitation for Smart to work.

Tupper said:
Can the target take evasive action?
Yes. The target can perform all the usual actions.

Tupper said:
Does software (fire control /evade) apply?
Fire Control, no. Neither does Gunnery skill apply.
Evade, yes.

There is Launch Control software in Highguard that works like Fire Control for missile salvoes.
The Element Class Cruiser book has more options for missile combat.

Ursus Maior

I certainly do hope, there will be a Highguard Vol. II in the intermediate future that compilates all naval warfare and architecture options from the various publications since the original Highguard volume and expands on them in terms of tactics, strategies and trends in naval architecture. I love the options presented so far, but it's getting hard to maintain any form of general overview.