To wait or not?


I've seen some talk about a possible 2nd printing on the boards and as I havent yet picked up the book I was wondering if people thought it would be worth waiting for it to come out (if indeed its going to).

The part thats making me really hesitant is the fact that I don't really want to use the book right away. I recently got Cybernet and I intend to run a campaing for that. I would prefer to wait till thats over (its not going to take forever, just a few months to see how the system goes) before starting a Conan campaign.

On the other side I REALLY want to see this book :D. I guess what I'm asking in the end is for someone who is going to get the book anyway, are the errors in the original bad enough that I would want to wait for a corrected version?
If you don't need it yet, you may as well wait - they might get a second printing done before you need it.

But if they havn't produced a second print run at the point you want to start playing, I personally would have no hesitation picking up the current one.


I guess it comes down to what you are paying for.

Personally, I was paying for the ideas - the rules changes between D&D and Conan that I really, really like that I probably would never have thought of (or gotten around to implementing). The total revamp of the magic system and the changes to the combat system. The adaption of the rules for a low magic setting.

To me, all of the above is worth the asking price. The odd spelling mistake in a product like this, is, for me, an amusement rather than something to set me off on an angry consumer rant.

And whilst there are one or two errors that are worse than spelling mistakes, RPGs hav *always* been up to the GM and players to interpret - even if the rules were printed perfectly we would still change the things we wanted to do differently.


In summary: If your idea of an RPG product is shiny paper, pretty pictures and perfect text, this book is not worth USD 50.

But if your idea of an RPG product is ideas, concepts and rules, then I personally would have been happy to pay twice the asking price.
well I wouldnt go as far as TWICE the asking price but I have no real problem buying it at the moment.

I guess what I really inteded was to see if there were any really big mistakes, like rule omissions or something. If all thats really wrong is some spelling and a few cases where they copy / paste directly from the SRD and forget to alter the text then I can handle that (basically if its of about the same quality as cybernet, ie what I mentioned above as well as a missing feat or two then I think I can handle it).
Thats always the gamble. Get a book you sorta kinda want and wait for the 2nd printing or buy it now when you have the chance.

The only book I know for sure that was reprinted was Quint Fighter and that was due to some rules revisions. Bab 5 rulebook maybe was reprinted but there are not many.

It has some good rule changes and new ideas. The book has a good feel to it overall. I as a fan have bought it even though I have not yet played it with my group.