To Save a Kingdom


To Save A Kingdom
any information on this? i just saw it anounced on the upcoming releases
sounds like an epic adventure :D
Where'd you find that? Can't see it.

I noticed that Shadow of the Sorcerer and The God in the Bowl ( :shock: ) are now scheduled for a January release, though.
Also, Tower of the Elephant seems to now be available. Me wants it...

They changed the Jan 2006 info! Earlier today it had 'To Save a Kingdom' and now as Trodax said they have 'God in the Bowl' and moved 'Shadow of the Sorceror' back to January! Bad news on Shadow. :x

I guess this is plan 'B'?
same here but like brothel they sometimes change the name so blood bowl could be the same thing will have to wait and see 8)
This is a campaign style adventure and 1st level characters are recommended, though Games Masters can easily modify the adventure to fit their individual campaigns. This adventure takes place after the Robert E. Howard story, The People of the Black Circle.

To Save a Kingdom is set in the Turanian city of Samara. Located on the edge of the Eastern Desert along the Ilbars River, the city has long been known as a quiet place where one can obtain various types of pleasures and illegal or hard to find commodities. Samara is also known as a trade city that merchants and peddlers are discreet and don’t ask too many questions about. Samara is known to attract people from all over the world; mercenaries, soldiers, displaced nobles and criminals of the worst sort. If it can’t be found in Samara, then it probably doesn’t exist.

The adventure begins when the player characters are hired by a Turanian merchant to escort him across the mountains to Vendhya. What follows is a harrowing quest that will test the characters’ integrity and mettle, culminating in a battle that encompasses colossal armies clashing in the blasted wilderness... where only the player characters’ actions and decisions can carry or damn the day.

Size: 32 pages, Softcover
Interior Art: Black & White
Author: Eric Rodriguez