Tips for converting other D20 material to Conan ?


Hi folks,

I tried to search for this, but couldn't find anything.

Are there any posted tips for converting over D20 monsters, equipment, and characters over to the Conan system ?

If not, is there some online resource that might have some stuff already converted ?

I would really appreciate any links you guys might provide.

Thanks for the info.

I did a search. I didn't find anything specific, but I did find his website. I sent him an email.
How about new spells? I like a lot of the Cthulu spells from the WotC d20 Cthulu book and think they would fit well into Conan, but I'm not sure on power levels or prerequisites or anything.

Most D&D spells I have no interest in converting to Conan.
for "converted lovecraft" stuff you HAVE TO look for a new sorcery rules thread from Raven Blackwell. she's our dark queen for lovecraftian conan ressources :)

you can even sent her a private message (search for her username) and she will send you many pages of spells, feats, creatures and other stuff she has converted for Conan RPG!
I haven't heard back from Berin Kinsman (Uncle Bear)...does anyone else have his D20 conversion suggestions ?
From Uncle Bear:

Defense Value
One of the major differences between standard D20 and the Conan RPG is the substitution of Defense Values and Damage Resistance for Armor Class. This can be calculated using the table below and the following formula:

10 + Base DV + Dex Bonus + Size Modifier = Total DV

Level/HD Poor DV Good DV
1 0 0
2 0 1
3 1 2
4 1 3
5 1 3
6 2 4
7 2 5
8 3 6
9 3 6
10 3 7
11 4 8
12 4 9
13 4 9
14 5 10
15 5 11
16 6 12
17 6 12
18 6 13
19 7 14
20 7 15

Damage Resistance

In most D20 games, Damage Resistance factors in the existence of magic weapons and commonplace Spellcasting, things that are far from common in Hyborea. To compensate, listed Damage Resistance should be divided by 5. If the creature is wearing armor, use that armor’s AC bonus as its DR. Add in Natural Armor bonuses as well.

(DR ÷ 5) + Armor

For example, an OGL creature is listed as have DR 40 and Natural Armor of 7. This would be a DR of 15 in Conan (DR 40 ÷ 5 = 8, +7 = 15).
Many creatures have conditions listed with the DR rating. Ignore anything with a “+” after the slash, such as DR 15/+1, indicating that a +1 or better weapon is required. Any conditions that can be met in the world of Hyborea can be retained, such as DR 20/silver (damage reduction is ineffective against silver weapons) or DR 15/bludgeoning (ignore Dr on damage done by bludgeoning weapons)


Add in the Reflex Save to the Initiative since most D20 and OGL games do not include Reflex saves as part of the Initiative Bonus.

Spell-Like Abilities

Many D20 creatures have the ability to cast spells or use spell like abilities. To account for the fact that magic isn't so simple and effortless in the Conan RPG, creatures should have to make Magic Attack Rolls:

Base magic Attack + Charisma Bonus = Magic Attack Bonus

if a caster level is indicated, find that level on the Magic Attack chart (below) and use the values for Good magic Attack. if no caste rlevel is indicated, use the creatures Hit Dice and the information for Poor magic Attack.

For saves against spells and spell-like abilities, use the creatures Magic Attack roll in place of any listed DC.

    Level/HD Poor Magic Good Magic
    1 0 0
    2-3 0 1
    4-5 1 2
    6-7 1 3
    8-9 2 4
    10-11 2 5
    12-13 3 6
    14-15 3 7
    16-17 4 8
    18-19 4 9
    20 5 10

  • That's the best I can get the tables to come out - the list option is working really weird tonight. Anyway, the first number(s) are Level/HD and then the second and third numbers fall another the selective headings working left to right. So, on the Defense Value Table a level 5 or 5 Hit Dice creature would have a 1 for Poor Defense bonus and a 3 for Good Defense Bonus.

    Hope that helps. Thanks again to Uncle Bear whose work this is.