Thought on RoK and future supplements

The Warlord

Across the Thunder River has been the best sourcebook I've ever used. It's inspired more adventures, highly detailed mind you, than any sourcebook I've previously read. Great Book!

I do have a concern though.

My section on the Pictish Wilderness in RoK is completely worthless now!

It looks like Mongoose plans to release source material on all the major countries, and include in 'em the surrounding lesser ones. If that's the case my RoK will become obsolete! Granted, I could *not* buy the upcoming regional/national sourcebooks, and solely use the info in RoK. Well, being hooked by this line, that ain't gonna happen.

So, I propose that maybe Monogoose shouldn't release source material based on regions, but on 'groups'. RoK is a great source for having giving all the political/regional stuff. I'd prefer to buy books that'll flesh out, say Followers of Set or some other cult. I'm sure this'll be in the Stygian book, but again, if it stands to reason that book will also contain stuff from RoK. Stuff I already have.

How about some detailed creature books?. I mean, there's so many variations of 'man-ape/animal' in REH's world that a sourcebook like the Serpent Kingdoms would do wonders to bring those encounters to life.

I guess I'm just trying to prevent RoK from becoming obsolete, and also to push Mongoose into spending resources publishing a more varied line of sourcebooks.
I also love ROK, but Stygia is a perfect example of why Mongoose needs more detailed sourcebooks. ROK mentions Set of course, but nothing on the many bestial sub-gods that are also worshiped in Stygia. The strength of ROK is you can access the world under one book (I check it out as I read different Howard stories). The sourcebooks will just add detail to the excellent outline established in ROK. I would say supplements are like Akbitanan swords, very nice and very useful, but ROK is like Improved Critical, a nice feat, but when combined with the Akbitanan sword – your threat range is doubled! :)

I like your idea on fleshing out groups though.