Thorez deck plans


I've searched for two days trying to find a unencumbered graphic of the deck plans for the Thorez class courier. I've found plenty of posts, and graphics of the beautiful image with several views of the ship super imposed over the deck plans, but only one small, incomplete reference of the deck plans being "in a 2300 book". I have original 2300 materials with some 2300AD stuff thrown in, and in none of those are any deck plans.

Can someone please tell me where I can find a clean graphic of those plans?
Phew. OK. I actually just answered this question for myself! Here are the places I've seen these plans

2300AD Core Rules Book #3: page 89-90. Nice full color plans of a stock Thorez.

2300AD Aerospace Engineer's Handbook: page 94. Nice color single page plans. These are actually of a MODIFIED Thorez though. Modified to be a skyhook capture unit.

Challenge Magazine #34: page 49-50 in article entitled "Thorez" by C.W. Hess. The thing that started it all as near as I can tell. This is the place I *think* the Thorez first deck plans appeared. The ship is mentioned in the original Ships of the French Arm...but there are no plans there.

Challenge Magazine #71: page 32 in the adventure "Stowaway" by Andy Slack. These are black and white deckplans of a stock Thorez-class.

Hope this helps!

Very Respectfully,