The Star Child


Has anyone ever run the adventure The Star Child? First published in Signs & Portents, then republished in MgT1e Compendium Vol 1. There's the bones of a decent scenario there, although it needs some thinking about and fleshing out beforehand or it will be very easy for players to either derail, or grind to a halt as they hit a brick wall. It's also completely lacking any assets to help a referee run the game, but that's hardly unusual for Traveller.

But my question is this: In both versions, the text states:

"Shalini A’ssynii
Notes: The abilities given under “Special Abilities” are the powers that Shalini has access to in addition to all the powers that are normally accessible due to her Talents.
A description of these new powers, in addition to a short explanation of the Electrokinesis ability, is given in the New Equipment section of the Appendix."

The Compendium reprint doesn't even have stats for Shalini, but in neither version is this appendix, or any description of Shalini's unique psionic talents, to be found. Has it ever existed, or was this just an oversight on the part of the writer (and editors), that was never spotted? Might it exist in an early draft, somewhere in Mongoose's dusty archives?