the sst anime

which is your fav. SST

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Are you talking about the CGI series? If so I got whole collection of DVD's from Columbia house. Good prices. If this isn't what your asking about disreguard. :?
no, this is accually, as i found out, an anime, originaly released in 1986,and it had six episodes. and it was apperently extremly accurite to the bookk, armor wise
I own the first 2 episodes, fansubtitled. It's pretty good. It deviates from the book, but not nearly as much as the movies do. And yup, there's powered armor, and it's really cool.
I saw some of the Anime series too. The armor looks great but the bugs are like blobs of plasma. I may not like to troopers from the movie, but I have a hard time with humanity fighting for it's life against Shmoos! :shock: :shock: :shock: