The SEP 2006 issue of Fictional Reality is out...

Mark Theurer

Hi all,

This issue of FR was delayed by about 3-4 days due to a last minute 4-day, 1500 mile adoption related trip that we took this past weekend. Very soon, a new daughter will be added to our family.

For your reading pleasure (hopefully) I present the new issue of Fictional Reality. You can download it from

Inside you'll find...

Battle Reports
- Privateer Press: Hordes
- Mongoose Publishing: B5

Miniatures Reviews
- Privateer Press
- Alpha Forge
- Corvus Belli
- Aberrant Games
- Hasslefree
- Heresy Miniatures
- Reaper
- Impact Miniatures
- Thunderbolt Mountain
- Magnificent Egos

Game / Book Reviews
- Aberrant Games: Shadow War
- Pulp Heroes: Amazing War Stories
- Black Library: Looks Could Kill

RPG Scenario
- Comanch Trouble, p3


Mark Theurer, Fictional Reality