A load of Mongoose reviews in the new Fictional Reality

Mark Theurer

Hello everyone!

Well, a quick trip to the emergency room (all ok now) and then out of town for work tried to unduly delay this issue of Fictional Reality, but it's here waiting for you now. The December 2008 issue of Fictional Reality is ready and it's packed with all sorts of stuff. Inside you'll find...

* Battle Reports: Three of them! AE-WWII, Metropolis and Infinity
* Game Reviews: Battlefield Evo: World at War, Hour of Glory: Stronghold Kit, Conan 2nd Edition, Wraith Recon, The Quintessential Wizard and more
* Miniature Reviews: Infinity, Hasslefree, MERCS, Reaper and more
* Game Scenario: AE-WWII
* Terrain Workshop: More dungeon rooms using Hirst Arts molds
* and more...




Mark Theurer, FR
thank you an interesting and useful read - will be looking more at this over the holidays

best wishes and Merry Christmas!