The new issue of Fictional Reality is out...

Mark Theurer

Hello, everyone!


Here we are with the new issue of Fictional Reality. The June 2009 issue of Fictional Reality is ready and it's packed with all sorts of stuff.

You can check out the new issue at

Inside you'll find...

* Battle Report: Learn how to play Warlands from Aberrant.
* Game Reviews: Incursion, The Quintessential Fighter and more.
* Miniature Reviews: Red Box Games, Reaper, Mercs, Aberrant, Urban Mammoth and more.
* Painting Workshop: U.S. APEs for Incursion and SOTR.
* Army Building: My (re)entry into Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Due to a massive laptop failure I'm afraid that our e-mail list of people that wanted personal notification of each new issue has been fried. If you'd like to get on the list to get an e-mail from me as soon as each new issue is available just drop me a line at with FR Subscription in the subject line and I'll hook you up.


Mark, FR


Very sorry to hear that FR has recently come to an end.

It was my favorite mini games e-zine and I looked forward to it every quarter, particularly for the figure reviews.

It will be sorely missed.

Thanks to you and your team, for all of your efforts over the years.