The Scrolls of Skelos 25 Mar; The Pirate Isles

Faraer said:

It's a bit odd when the ad blurb says
Filled with innovative ideas and exciting concepts, it’s the most talked about RPG of the year. The range of successful Conan releases has only reinforced this, and Pirate Isles continues that tradition.

What range of successful Conan releases? 1 to 1 isn't exacly a range I believe. :)
That could be based on pre-orders as a sample of projected sales...

If, based on past history, a company can calculate a ratio between pre-orders and actual sales, then the pre-orders can be used as a prediction of sales success/failure.
Personally, I'm looking forward to the Pirate's Isles. I've always had a fascination with the pirates. Though, after joining the US navy. I kinda had my fill of the sea life. Also, with 10 (ten) years of sea life, I can say, that they indeed had guts to sail the seas in that age.