The Owl Totem.


I talking about the Totem the Formian Sea Devils used when they had their spawning. ( Check Slaine: Books of the Invasions.)

I wouldn't normally associate such a animal with these sea monsters.

No background information provided by the authorin the csection of the comic where it was featured, and I was wondering if anybody here had any further information on the Formorian totems that they would to add.

Specfifically on this one, the Owl.

As far as I know The Owl may be a Egyptian Totem ( I'm using information from another game called Werewolf the Apocalpse here. The Owl was 'Silent Strider ' totem. A tribe of Egyptian Werewolves. So, it may not be that it is a Egyptian totem. As there information mat be made up.

It's also a possibilty that theirs isn't the Owl totem at all, they were just using the statue as meeting place.

I might do a web search on pagan Owl deities.
I have found out that Owl are reverred in nearly all parts of the old world and in some parts of the new world. Whereever the bird exists really.

Mostly it is it has to do with bad lack, death, illness and very rarely is it ever asociated anything good. So, my first asumption here was wrong.

The Celtic Owl is symbolic for their underworld.

There is heaps of interesting referances here.

Just scroll down to the lower half of the page.
good link and yes owls were guardians of the underworld and were feared as such so I love the fact my beaver scout name is owl it means so much more than the kids think.
I was just looking through a copy of the Silent Striders tribal book. ( Yes, another source book for WW:The Appocalpse.)

Heres what they have to say about their Owl totem. '

' He lent us his eyes, and I saw countless things, I would not have otherwise seen. He lent us his quiet, and I ran swift as lightening, the sounds of my passing as soft as a lazy snowfall. And he lent us his wings, and in the Umbra (World of Spirits), I flew.

Not that I'm thinking their worshipping the exact same deity, ( Well maybe they are.)

As I said before, Owls have been living all over the northern hemisphere.
If anybody recalls or can look up the god Aten who the Formorian Devil were going summon at their swarming at the Owl totem I was talking about earlier.

I'm not sure what it is being referred to in the graphic novel, but i
ts the Egyptian Sun god, sometimes possesssing the qualities of both Ra and Horus.

Anyway, I was wondering what does this say about the Formorians?
I had hypothersised that the Formorians were actualley Celts that had been ostracised for being disfigured, balding, way too fat, and over the
age of thirty. ( So I agree with you on the Fomors being OLD!!!)

The outcasts soon formed their own group and migrated to Tory island.

It could then be assumed that outside of the Earth Mothers
influence they mutated further into the scaly, gilled, finned creatures that regularly raided the Tribes of the Earth Goddess.

It could also be assumed that these degenerate outcasts stayed as they were out side of the Earth goddesss influence and though they still warred with the four tribes, they were merely seen and discribed as monsters around the campfires by the Danu Bards that survivied these battles.

The so called Formorians though disfigured yet still human had demonised the Earth Goddess tribes as monsters also and their Bards told similar
tales round their campfires.

Of course if this was true, then they may have seen the Romans as El Demons and The Midgard Vikings as Shoggey Beasts.
Looking for Dagon on the net.

Some archaic wall painting of him....

And abit more

There is alot Lovecraft references to this stuff as well.

You might be interested in seeing this movie
Last night while watching some late night telly. I saw a episode of JLA or JLU cartoon.

Aquaman was was trying to save his underwater kingdom from invading demons referred to as Old ones.

Though I don't normally take much notice of the cartoton I took interest in this one.

The Old ones did remind me of the Formorian demons or more like the things based on Cuthulu mythos.

Anyway I notice alot of interesting imagery shown there that would be almost appropiate for the likes of Slaine.

Not that I am aiming to compare him with Aquaman.
thank you for the links just brought the book of invasion 1 the picture of the owl totem is alot clearer now the pages are bigger and it is dedicated to aten who turns out to be a dark god 8)
Really, I thought Aten was the Egyptian god of the sun.

Still this is fiction and I guess the truth can be warped.
aten in slaines world is a dark serphant god called the hidden serphant if memory serves me right and worshipped by the higher caste formorrians such as the albino whites 8)
Understanding OGHAMS.............

I'm bringing this up here, because I think this is a Slaine based question. Probably, more of a Ukko based question as I have seen him to be writing The Horned God saga within the panels itself.

There's even a translation to English Alphabet key included in one of the Mike Machon drawn Slaine Stories.

In the page I have found above. It says that Oghams are to be read from the bottom to the top. When they are written as lines vertical. Though once a line is finished I not sure which line to go to from there. Though the obvious choice might be to read down, up and then go left to right from each vertically drawn line. Some Ogham script though, is written as lines horizontal which then most obiviously are to be read left to right from the top, as is normal. Most of the letters have a designated tree that are represented by horizontal lines crossing over vertical lines depending on how the script is written and at different angles crossing over the other lines. Sometimes in groups of one or two or three. Just look at them, you'll get the picture. Vowels are represented by a notch rather than a line.

My problem is that I have be trying to understand Oghams from a english speaking person's point of view and not every letter in the english alphabet has been spoken for in Oghams.

Then, how would I write my LOGG on name A-N-V-I-L in Oghams.

Going by their script.

Ailm ' Pine Tree' - Getal 'Broom' - V - Idad 'Yew' - Luis 'Rowan'

Perhaps, I not meant to write names of people using just the Ogham script. But that's not really the point.

As I have said earlier, I was thinking in English, when perhaps I should have considered oldIrish, Gaelic. A language also very foreign to me.

So if Oghams aren't to be written with English in mind, than are they to be written to the old Irish manner of writing sentences?

I am interested in knowing, since I have just found the Ogham computer font and was wondering if anybody is more familar with the correct usage of Oghams.

Of course, I'll understand if telling me goes against Druidic law.
druidic and bardic lore was handed out in spoken form only.their is no correct way as far as I know to read it do know celtic names stress the middle of the word if that is a help :D



So much for using OGHAMS. I had downloaded the Beth Luis Fearn and Beth Luis Nion two slightly dfifferent variations of OGHAM script. There are most probably more. It does work

It doens't have that archaic feel to it, though. It really needs to be spiced up abit and as you can see what I had written in ogham in Microssoft notebook had come out as english on this thread when I copied & pasted it.

Letters like V are simply just a horizontal line with no lines crossing it. The same goes for other English characters not used in the Ogham alphabet.

The message 'Hello THIS IS ANVIL and the top most Alphabet is written in Beth-Luis-Fearn and the bottom most alphabet is written in Beth-Luis-Nion.

Theres is no way of using it on this forum unless the Moderaters do what I did. Anyway, I can't find a place to change the font on this forum, myself.

Of course, I know that Drudic lore is word of mouth only. But I also wanted to know why they had bothered with Oghams then if they didn't use written words. Perhaps they just use it when talking about trees.
also as decoration and to pass secreats to others in the order without others knowing what was going on also if say a king whanted a law written down to give it weight with the common people 8)