The Martial Artist (d20)


Okay guys, here is a class that I have been working on for the past few weeks. Feel free to leave compliments, suggestions, or constructive critisizm at your leisure. I thought it would be nice to have a different sort of fighter in the Lone Wolf RPG. Let me know what you think.

Bryan Olson
A.K.A. Alasi

Martial Artist

There are hundreds of warriors across the plains, forests, and jungles of
both Southern and Northern Magnamund that hold true to different beliefs and abilities. One such group exists in many different countries of
Magnamund, they being the martial artists. Martial Artists spend most of
their lives training in their respective monasteries, honing their skills
of concentration and hand-to-hand combat.

Adventures: The martial artists are a very diverse group. Some have fallen to the way of the mercenary, others simply serve as escorts or personal guards. Most martial artists, however, spend their lives
attempting to fulfill their most beloved goal: honing their skills to
absolute perfection. A martial artist's adventures could take him
anywhere for any reason.

Characteristics: Martial Artists are warriors, tried and true. They tend to be lean of body, and yet powerfully built. They rely strongly upon
speed, reflex, and intition rather than brute force to take down an
opponent. Though most are trained in their specialized weapon many
martial artists walk the streets of Magnamund with not even a dagger on
their person.

Religion: There isn't much to be said on the martial artist and religion. Martial Artists come from respectively different nationalities, beliefs, and ethical backgrounds. His religion often entirely depends on where he is from.

Background: In the majority of cases training to become a martial artist takes place within a monastery order dedicated to their arts. They are trained in the use of the staff, either the nunchaku, chakram, or kukri, and often train in the use of a single, other melee weapon. However, the true center of their training is how to fight when unarmed, thus turning into what would seem as a disadvantage...into an advantage. Training for martial artists tends to take place at a young age, where he or she firsts spends years learning to keep their concentration under stress, meditate, and above all...learn patience.

Other Classes: Depending on the individual martial artist's personal characteristics he may react to different characters differently. Most martial artists are extremely patient when it comes to characters with different belief systems. Nearly all martial artists belong to the
Balance, but most monasteries teach of the influence of evil as it
opposes the calm centered mind that a martial artist is required to
possess. All in all, a martial artist will do what he can to interact
calmly with those with a mutual goal, often being the coolest head

Abilities: Dexterity and wisdom are a martial artist's most important attributes. Most martial artists refuse to wear armor of any kind, and starting at his first level he can add his wisdom modifier as well as his dexterity modifier to his Armor Class. Dexterity makes him swift, and his attacks deadly. Strength is important as it increases the damage that he deals when attacking and Constitution aids him in shrugging of damage that is dealt to him.

Endurance Die: d8

Base Speed: 30 ft
Starting Wealth: 80 Gold Crowns

Class Skills: The Martial Artist's class skills and their key abilities
are Acrobatics (Dex), Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex),
Intimidate (Cha), Sense Motive (Wis), and Stealth (Dex).

Skill Points at First Level: (4 + Int Modifier) x4
Skill Points for each Additional: 4 + Int Modifier

Class Features

Armor and Weapons Proficiencies: The Martial Artist is completely
unskilled in any armor heavier than leather (though most choose not to
wear any because it restricts their speed and the ferocity of their
attacks) and he is not proficient in any shield. The Martial Artist,
though prefferring hand-to-hand combat, is proficient in the
quarterstaff and a single one-handed melee weapon of his choice. Whether is weapon can be a racial weapon or not is at the discretion of the Games Master. A Martial Artist can add his Dexterity mod to the attack rolls of any weapon he is proficient with, or when fighting unarmed in combat.

Warrior Wisdom: Because of their specialized training, a martial artist developes a 'sixth sense' that helps him to dodge blows affectively. In addition to their Dexterity bonus, they add their Wisdom bonus to their
Armor Class. This ability becomes negate whenever the martial artist dons any sort of armor or wields a weapon he is not proficient with.

Sneak Attack: Same as the Shadaki Buccaneer Class Feature of the same name. One notable difference as that a martial artist cannot use sneak attack when using a ranged weapon, only while fighting unarmed or using a melee weapon he is proficient with and not wearing any shield or armor.

Conditioning: Martial Artists spend their lives learning to take beatings as well as dish them out. With conditioning the Martial Artist may add the corrosponding conditioning bonus to their Endurance Die roll when leveling up for that level only.

Unarmed Strike Bonus: Starting at level 1 a Martial Artist deals 1d4 base damage when attack unarmed. As he takes more levels in the class the damage die for fighting unarmed increases. If the Martial Artist is wearing any armor his damage die decreases by 1 (minimum 1d3).

First Strike: An important goal of any martial artist is to be the first to strike, taking advantage of an unaware opponent. Each time this
ability is earned the martial artist gains a +1 bonus to his or her
initiative roll. Once the martial artist reaches level 12 he can no
longer be taken by surprise in combat and as long as he is free to move he is not considered flat-footed.

Fast Movement: Starting at his 7th level the Martial Artist begins to
gains increasing speed bonuses, helping them close to melee range in
combat more quickly. If the martial artist is wearing any type of armor
or carrying a shield he is restricted to a maximum movement rate of 30
feet, no matter what his base speed has now become.

Ki Strike: Martial Artists are not magical by nature, though those who delve into the more spiritual aspects of what they do through
concentration gain an ability one could say is supernatural. With Ki Strike a martial artist may inflict damage as if his fists were a magical weapon.
No bonus to attack or damage rolls is gained, but a creature immune to
normal attacks will now be affected.

Unarmed Advancement
- Each time the Unarmed Advancement class feature is gained the martial artist lays claim to one of the below abilities. The majority of these abilities can only be used when fight unarmed, but a select few can still be utlized when using a weapon that he is proficient with only. These have a '*' next to their name.

Lethal Strike (may be taken twice): An invaluable ability to a man who often prefers to fight without the use of a weapon, a Martial Artist may now inflict lethal damage. When this ability is first learned he may
inflict bludgeoning damage when fighting unarmed. As his strength grows
his hands become weapons themselves. If this ability is taken a second
time he gains the ability to deal slashing or piercing damage with his
bare hands.

Surreal Reflexes*: As a martial artist continues through his training his ability to react immediately to situations, dangerous or otherwise, developes to an almost supernatural state. The martial artist gains a +2 bonus to all Reflex saves and a +1 bonus to Armor Class. This ability, as many martial artist features, is negate when wearing any type of armor.

Stunning Attack: At the cost of all of his full round attacks a martial artist can instead make one single attack, that has a chance to stun his enemy. The attack is made at his full base combat skill and if it hits the victim must pass a Fortitude save equal to the attack roll total or
be stunned for 1d3 rounds. Appropriate damage is rolled whether the
victim is stunned or not. If a martial artist enacts a stunning attack
and fails, the victim gains a +2 cummilative bonus to his Fortitude roll
should the martial artist reattempt. If an opponent is flat-footed the
martial artist gains a +2 bonus to his attack roll when attempting to

Deflect Arrow: When this ability is gained the martial artist my opt to act out of his turn to deflect any arrows directed towards him by making a Reflex save equal to 5 + the opposing attack roll. If the save is a success the damage is avoided. A martial artist may attempt to deflect anarrow out of turn directed towards any ally within 5 feet of him. Add +5 to the DC of the Reflex save to do this.

Improving the Odds: The martial artist now gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls when attempting to disarm an opponent. This represents his
preference at fighting disarmed and making his enemy fight in a way that
he holds the advantage. This bonus only applies on the 1st attempt to
disarm on any given enemy on any given day. A disarm can be retried but the bonus is reapplied.

Dashing*: When this class ability is gained a martial artist utlizes the best of his speed. He may move a maximum of 5 feet between his attacks when enacting a normal full round action. His total movement between attacks cannot be above his current base speed (Fast Movement is in consideration here) -10.

Defensive Dama*: Whenever fighting in full defense mode a martial artist gains twice the normal Armor Class bonus, making him the ultimate warrior when it comes to defending himself, or others.

Power Strike: With Power Strike a martial artist can sacrifice all of his normal attacks in a full round attack action and instead inflict one
attack, intending to deal more damage. Per attack that is sacrificed, the
martial artist gains a +1 bonus to his damage roll for his single attack.

Critical Improvement (may be taken three times): This ability may be taken up to three times. Each time it is gained the martial artist's
critical threat range is increased by +1. If it is gained 3 times his
critical threat range while fighting unarmed becomes 17-20/x2.


Base Combat Skill
1 - +0
2 - +1
3 - +2
4 - +3
5 - +3
6 - +4
7 - +5
8 - +6/+1
9 - +6/+1
10 - +7/+2
11 - +8/+3
12 - +9/+4
13 - +9/+4
14 - +10/+5
15 - +11/+6/+1
16 - +12/+7/+2
17 - +12/+7/+2
18 - +13/+8/+3
19 - +14/+9/+4
20 - +15/+10/+5

Base Unarmed Combat Skill
1 - +1
2 - +2
3 - +3
4 - +4
5 - +5
6 - +6/+1
7 - +7/+2
8 - +8/+3
9 - +9/+4
10 - +10/+5
11 - +11/+6/+1
12 - +12/+7/+2
13 - +13/+8/+3
14 - +14/+9/+4
15 - +15/+10/+5
16 - +16/+11/+6/+1
17 - +17/+12/+7/+2
18 - +18/+13/+8/+3
19 - +19/+14/+9/+4
20 - +20/+15/+10/+5

Fortitude / Reflex / Will Saves
1 - +0 / +2 / +0
2 - +1 / +3 / +1
3 - +1 / +3 / +1
4 - +1 / +4 / +1
5 - +2 / +4 / +2
6 - +2 / +5 / +2
7 - +2 / +5 / +2
8 - +3 / +6 / +3
9 - +3 / +6 / +3
10 - +3 / +7 / +3
11 - +4 / +7 / +4
12 - +4 / +8 / +4
13 - +4 / +8 / +4
14 - +5 / +9 / +5
15 - +5 / +9 / +5
16 - +5 / +10 / +5
17 - +6 / +10 / +6
18 - +6 / +11 / +6
19 - +6 / +11 / +6
20 - +7 / +12 / +7

Unarmed Damage
1 - 1d4
2 - 1d4
3 - 1d4
4 - 1d6
5 - 1d6
6 - 1d6
7 - 1d6
8 - 1d8
9 - 1d8
10 - 1d8
11 - 1d8
12 - 1d10
13 - 1d10
14 - 1d10
15 - 1d10
16 - 2d6
17 - 2d6
18 - 2d6
19 - 2d6
20 - 2d8

Special Abilities
1 - Warrior's Wisdom, Unarmed Adv., Sneak Attack +1d6
2 - Unarmed Adv.
3 - Conditioning +3
4 - Unarmed Strike Bonus (1d6)
5 - Unarmed Adv., Sneak Attack +2d6
6 - First Strike +1
7 - Fast Movement 40ft
8 - Unarmed Adv.
9 - Conditioning +6
10 - Sneak Attack +3d6
11 - Unarmed Adv.
12 - First Strike +2
13 - Fast Movement 50ft
14 - Unarmed Adv.
15 - Conditioning +9, Sneak Attack +4d6
16 - Ki Strike
17 - Unarmed Adv.
18 - First Strike +3
19 - Movement 60ft
20 - Unarmed Adv, Sneak Attack +5d6
Nice start.

Personally iw ould like to see it being made slightly more Magnamundy, at the moment it's a bit generic for my tastes.