The Kai Lords of MS 5000

Is there hope for a canon-obsessed scmoe like myself? I'm starting a Lone Wolf campaign in a few weeks starring three Kai novices who, with luck and the grace of Ishir and Kai, will grow up to become exemplary Kai Grand Masters and, quite likely, get massacred in MS 5050.

The issue I have is how I'm going to populate the Kai Monastery with appropriate NPCs -- mentors, leaders, and other students. I've already begun the perilous process of creating my own NPCs, but I'm ever wary of seeing a product somewhere down the line that will do that without my help :lol: I've heard of Magic of Magnamund and will begin collecting the various Lone Wolf miniatures, but I'm wondering if the specifics of the Kai order will get details in a future product. Anyone know anything I don't?
No such details yet. After the Magic book, there should be a Bestiary of sorts and Epic rules down the line, but we haven't heard much besides that. Maybe a book describing the Daziarn as well. And don't forget the Border Rangers class set to be described in Signs and Portents mag.
Hey, creating daft NPC's and portraying them is half the fun of GM'ing. If its continuity you're worried about, don't be. As for Kai names, I assume most of them can be made by taking a random Verb or Adjective and adding a Noun. Animals or Geographic Features seem to be especially popular choices for the Noun part.
i.e. 'Dancing Hawk', 'Stormy Cloud', 'Spitting Fox' etc.
You can find some info on the First Order of the Kai here: ,
in the "Monastery Mailbag" section.
There is nothing else about the Kai, at least as far as I remember. But there is a lot of good stuff about the rest of Magnamund nonetheless. :)