The Royal Line and the Order of the Kai


Hey guys,
A niggling thought came to me when I was trying to sleep last night-
The royal line of Sommerlund have been shown to be able to wield the Sommerswerd- something only a Kai Lord can do without the blade losing its power.
So this would imply that the powers of the Kai Lord run strong in the royal family. So this brought to mind questions such as:

Has anyone of royal blood ever been trained in the ways of the Kai? -I'm assuming a direct heir to the throne probably wouldn't, but perhaps members of the family who are too distant to inherit would be given to the monastery for a simpler life than one of political intrigue.
If this is so it opens up story seeds such as the death of the last of the main royal line, so a search must be taken up to find the lost heir to the throne; the Kai Order could even be secretly keeping geneological records of a certain Kai Lord's family...

Also, if the current King of Sommerlund is aware that he has the potential to be a Kai Lord, do you suppose he may be a bit biased in favour of the Kai Lords than he would otherwise be?

I appreciate these ideas may go against the initial themes of Lone Wolf, but I'm interested to see what others think of them.

Thanks for your time
- Srehtorc
That is the key example, I do recall seeing something about King Kian wielding the Sommerswerd to drive off the Drakkarim in the early days of the Sommlending arriving in what is now Sommerlund.
I sadly cannot recall WHERE I read this, so cannot give a reference, or double check to see if I have understood it correctly- also I have no idea whether Kian is of the same line as Ulnar; for all I know, Sommerlund could have had multiple royal families throughout it's history, the same as England has.
I'm trying to refamiliarise myself with Magnamund's history at the moment, so with luck I might find further data to clarify this soon.
Ok, a quick google search has provided this from

The first king of the Sommlending people. He lead his people in MS 3434 against the Darklords and their armies. The Sommlending, armed with the Sommerswerd, slowly drove their enemies back beyond the Durncrag Mts. Kian named the land that they had conquered Sommerlund in honor of Kai.

Kian was the creator of Sommerlund's aristocracy in an effort to maintain readiness for war with the vengeful Darklords. He said "every Sommlending must have a lord."

Which would back up my theory, but I'd have to check with other sources to verify if this is canon or not.
Also forgive me if I sound pessimistic or "whipped", I just don't want people to think I'm trying to mess about with the LW universe too much- I loved the LW gamebooks for being themselves, but on the other hand one thing I've learnt from the Star Wars RPG is that campaigns based on non-canon ideas, or even exploring different eras of history than expected can be very rewarding
My theory is back in the day Most Soummerling (if not all) could have used the Sommerswerd, a Gift that has bean lost over the ages so today the only people the Gift is fully awakened in are the Kai Lords.
An intriguing theory, can you suggest why the ability to become a Kai Lord has dwindled though? Mixing blood with the Durenese perhaps?
Also might that imply that in the future there will be even less Kai Lords?